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Blackmagic Decklink Studio 4K
Ultimate future proof design
RRP £455.00 ex VAT
Intensity Pro 4K
Incredible quality capture and playback in SD, HD and Ultra HD for your HDMI, YUV, S-Video and NTSC/PAL devices!
RRP £155.00 ex VAT
Micro Converter SDI to HDMI
Convert from SDI to HDMI
RRP £45.00 ex VAT


DVI DL Booster Plus (Dual Link)
Video signal extender.
RRP £Call ex VAT
DVI 3600HD
Optical DVI/ USB 2.0 / RS-232/ audio extender.
RRP £Call ex VAT
DVI Fibre Optic Pigtail Modules
DVI extender with HDCP.
RRP £Call ex VAT
DVI Detective Plus
EDID storage for HDTV
RRP £108.00 ex VAT
DVI Extra Long Range Extender
110 meter DVI extender.
RRP £710.00 ex VAT
DVI FM 1000 Plus
DVI extender over Fibre-Optic Cable.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Dual Link DVI Dongle Modules
DVI extension modules.
RRP £Call ex VAT
DVI extension over fibre.
RRP £Call ex VAT
DVI extender.
RRP £832.00 ex VAT
HDMI Fibre Optic Pigtail Modules
HDMI extension modules.
RRP £Call ex VAT
USB 2.0 Extender
USB 2.0 sender/receiver unit.
RRP £530.00 ex VAT


xMac Pro Server
4U rackmount enclosure for Mac Pro.
RRP £1330.00 ex VAT
Echo 15
Thunderbolt Dock
RRP £Call ex VAT
RackMac Pro
Rackmount enclosure.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Allegro FW800
FireWire 800 PCI Express Card
RRP £62.00 ex VAT
RackMac Mini
Rackmount enclosure.
RRP £150.00 ex VAT
xMac Mini Server
PCIe 2.0 Expansion system
RRP £890.00 ex VAT
Allegro USB 3.0 4-Port
USB 3.0 Charging PCI Express card
RRP £Call ex VAT

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