SONNET RackMac Studio

3U Enclosure to Install and Secure One or Two Mac Studio Computers


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Power Contained
for your pro workflow

Mac Studio™ computers deliver outrageous processing power, outperform computers multiple times their price, and are smaller than any tower computer available. But how do you incorporate them into off-the-desk professional workflows?
Sonnet RackMac Studio integrates Mac Studio computers into a compact rackmount enclosure for diverse audio and video application needs.

Control and Connect

Easy Access to Mac Studio Computers

RackMac Studio is a rugged steel 3U rackmount enclosure for securing one or two Mac Studio computers in a rack, placing them behind a quick and easy to remove front panel. Convenient front panel operation allows you turn Mac Studio computers on with their own dedicated front power buttons, connect USB devices through passthrough USB-A ports, and access the computers’ front ports and SD card slots. The RackMac Studio design enables you to connect and disconnect cables easily without needing to remove the computers from the enclosure.

Openings on top of RackMac Studio ensure hindrance-free wireless signal access. The RackMac Studio is designed to allow normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in rack), so you can use wireless devices and iOS® device control apps.

Key Features


  • Rackmount Solution for Mac Studio – Secures one or two Mac Studio computers inside a compact and rugged steel enclosure.
  • Ideal for Use in Server Rooms – 3U height and standard mounting holes enable easy installation into any standard server rack.
  • Easy Computer Access – Removable front panel secured with thumbscrews allows easy installation of and access to the Mac Studios with no tools required.
  • Front Panel Power Switches and USB Ports -Front panel buttons enable easy operation of the Mac Studios rear-mounted power switches; USB-A ports enable connection of a USB peripheral to each computer.
  • Space for Storage – Behind a covered opening beneath each Mac Studio is a space to place Thunderbolt or USB SSDs (sold separately); two included adhesive-backed magnets secure them in place.
  • Open Slot and Port Access – Provides access to computers’ SD card slots and front and back panel ports, enabling you to connect and disconnect cables easily.
  • Road Trip Ready – 9.5-inch mounting depth plus firm rubber cushions that hold the Mac Studios securely in place during transport make RackMac Studio perfect for use in portable racks and shallow moulded rack cases.
  • Front to Back Airflow Management – Supports direct airflow through each Mac Studio to keep it operating as cool in rack as on the desk, even when the enclosure is mounted between two other rackmounted components.


Form Factor: 3U rackmount enclosure
External Connectors: Two USB-A port extensions (one for each installed computer)
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 48.3 x 24 x 13.3 cm
Weight: 3.9 kg
Complete Package: 4.6 kg
Package Contents: RackMac Studio enclosure, Two adhesive-backed magnets, Documentation