Terms and Conditions

1. The Condition of the unit may differ from your advice note, since it is dependent upon personal opinion. Every effort is made to be as accurate as possible.

2. HHB COMMUNICATIONS LTD at its discretion, decide the nature and method of repair, type of components used and in the case of guarantee work, whether the equipment shall be repaired or replaced.

3. Minimum labour charge is 0.5 hr. at £45 + RETURN delivery and VAT for product value less than £250 and 1 hr. at £90 for product value over £250 + RETURN delivery and VAT.

4. A TEST FEE of £45 + RETURN delivery and VAT will apply in the event of NO FAULT FOUND with your equipment. This is NOT covered by HHB OR manufacturer’s warranty.

5. ESTIMATE and REFUSED ESTIMATE charges are liable to a £45 + RETURN delivery and VAT for product value less than £250 and £90 for product value over £250 + RETURN delivery and VAT. ESTIMATE charges are included with service if work is performed by HHB.

6. Normal sales/service warranty will be determined by HHB technical staff. Proof-Of-Purchase within the warranty period is NOT a guarantee that your unit will be serviced under warranty. A warranty covers MANUFACTURER’S DEFECTS under NORMAL USE. Warranty is void if ANY DEFECT for items or parts which have been tampered with by unauthorised persons, misused, neglected, damaged or any defect arising from battery leakage or water corrosion. Note: Warranty does not apply to batteries or other consumables or parts which are subject to wear and tear.

7. All repairs are subject to a 90 DAYS warranty following collection or despatch of the product. Repair warranties only cover the repaired faults and not unrelated faults. If the unit requires ADDITIONAL PARTS to solve the ORIGINAL fault, you will be charged ONLY for the additional parts.

8. Users MUST ensure they back up any data on their equipment. HHB WILL NOT be responsible for any loss or damage of files, folders or user presets during the repair process.

9. Any dates quoted for the completion of repairs can only be considered as APPROXIMATE and HHB COMMUNICATIONS LTD shall NOT be liable for any loss whatsoever resulting from failure to meet such dates.

10. REPAIRS NOT COLLECTED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF NOTIFICATION OF COMPLETION WILL INCUR £2.50 per day STORAGE FEES. EQUIPMENT WILL NOT be released unless the repair and storage charges are paid in full. At 60 DAYS a notification Letter of Disposal will be sent to the customer. If we receive no response, your equipment will be considered abandoned, at which point it WILL BE DISPOSED OF TO RECOVER COSTS.

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