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Yellowtec is focused on creating intuitive broadcast solutions. The company is motivated to pursue only the best ideas for new product design, in order to bring the ideal product to market. The team there works closely with media professionals, their comprehensive approach fuels the creation of insightful product lines that give the media industry what it really desiresand what it deserves. 


Exclusively distributed in the UK by HHB, Yellowtec products exist to make the life of the media production professional easier. With a cleverly designed and superbly engineered portfolio of products covering studio mounting and signalling systems, and recording, mixing and telephone systems, the focus is always on developing intuitive solutions that transform complexity into usability. Contact us today to learn more about Yellowtec products. 


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Recording Microphones

The iXm Recording Microphone is a universal recording device which is especially developed for journalists. Reduced to efficiency, it is equipped with an easy-to-use instrument panel. The iXm’s onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect audio levels in every recording. Interchangeable microphone heads provide for flexibility in the matter of pickup pattern.


Mounting and Signalling Systems

The M!ka mounting system has become a standard fixture in broadcast studios across the UK, providing an elegant and flexible mounting solution for everything from microphones to monitors. And testament the quality of the design and engineering, we’ve never been notified of a single failure – not even so much as a droop!

Developed as an innovative, high-tech LED signalling device, litt brings convenience and flexibility. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright CleanVision® LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design


Audio Interfaces

As a compact two‑channel high-definition audio interface, PUC2 combines simple setup with a clever modular design. It comes with digital connections and in various versions providing you with different analog panels on top.


Desktop Mixers

Intellimix will simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Get in touch with uncompromising usability. Be it media, audio production or audio for video – you will discover amazing features and a set of well-thought out control elements like the revolutionary G-Touch© faders.


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