Manufacturer of high-quality audio, video, and fibre-optic solutions.

Founded in 1978, Studio Technologies is committed to designing and manufacturing dependable, high-performance solutions for broadcast studio, stadium and corporate environments. Known for “designing for the way professionals work”, the company is recognised as an industry leader. Product categories include Dante®audio-over-IP, fibre-optic transport, broadcast support modules, intercom, IFB, mobile broadcast, SPL monitoring, consoles, and monitor control. 

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Dante Over Ethernet

Studio Technologies offers a comprehensive range of products featuring Dante audio-over-IP media networking technology including Interfaces, Announcer’s Consoles, and Beltpacks. All products are Dante Domain Manager compliant and support AES67.

Fibre-Optic Transport

Studio Technologies’s fibre-optic transport systems cover a range of applications and formats. There are remote camera extender Live-Link™ systems for ENG, and a remote camera interface deigned to handle news, sports, and other day-to-day remote interfacing needs. The Model 36 Talent Interface is a combination self-contained headset/earpiece amplifier and microphone routing module and a choice of rack mounting or ‘throw down’ SDI-Over-Fibre Transport systems designed for distributing digital video signals over short and medium distances are also available. And the Model 412 is a high-performance portable or rack-mounted solution for transporting multiple digital video signals and an Ethernet connection over single-mode optical fibre.

Broadcast Support Modules

An essential part of any broadcast infrastructure, the Studio Technologies range of Broadcast Support Modules encompasses a Power Entry Module,  a Mic/Line Input Module, a Line/IFB Output Module, a Line Output Module, a Party Line Interface, a Video Generator, a Video Generator/Audio Embedder, a Video Generator/AudioDe-Embedder, an Ethernet Switch and a Remote Access Module.

Intercom & IFB

Studio Technologies Intercom and IFB (interruptible foldback) products encompass central controllers, talent amplifiers and interfaces, an intercom beltpack, a range of interfaces designed to create broadcast-standard IFB outputs from line-level audio sources, Dante to IFB or Party Line interfaces, 2 – 4 Wire analogue audio interfaces and level meter / interfaces.

Mobile Broadcast

Mobile Broadcast products include a pair of Access Stations which work in conjunction with a Studio Technologies Model 2A Central Controller to provide a 2 or 4-channel IFB origination (“talk”) location, a highly integrated, 2-channel IFB (interruptible foldback) unit, self-contained listen-only “beltpack” units, and an audio mixer expressly designed for use in electronic-news-gathering (ENG) vehicles and small production truck applications.

SPL Monitoring

SPLnet Systems merge sound and information technology to create powerful, yet easy to use systems, providing professionals with the data needed to cost effectively monitor and manage sound and noise on a real-time basis.


Studio Technologies Announcer and producer consoles encompass a range of formats and applications including broadcast sports, eSports, live event, entertainment, and streaming broadcast applications, typically integrating on-air, talkback, and cue audio signal routing into one compact system.

Monitor Control

There’s a Studio Technologies StudioComm Loudspeaker Monitor Control System for every conceivable application, providing a huge choice of audio inputs and formats, and pre/post fade, bass management, configurable delay and integrated talkback options.

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