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Studio Technologies has been  designing a new range of Dante enabled products, the engineering team has been hard at work despite the current circumstances. Using Audinate’s Dante Via application they are able to connect their newest Announcer’s Console to teleconferencing software. This allows the team to simultaneously communicate with each other and test the new products.

New Products

Model 5482 IP Audio Bridge
Allows two independent Dante audio-over-Ethernet networks to be interconnected. Can link up to 64 audio channels (at 48 kHz sample rate) or 32 channels (at 96 kHz sampling rate) in each direction between the two Dante networks. Can also serve as a sample-rate conversion (SRC) device to allow Dante devices with different audio sampling rates or timing references to be interconnected.

Models 234/236 Announcer’s Consoles
High performance, flexible range of Announcer Consoles with class leading audio performance.

Model 5421 16 Channel Intercom Audio Engine
A high-performance, cost-effective, flexible solution for creating party-line (PL) intercom circuits. It’s directly compatible with the Studio Technologies’ range of 1-, 2-, and 4-channel Dante-enabled beltpacks and other interface-related products. The unit is suitable for use in fixed and mobile broadcast facilities, post-production studios, commercial and educational theatre environments, and entertainment applications. For a higher channel count Model 5422 with 32 or 64 channels is also available.

Model 792 Central Controller and Model 793 Control Console

A StudioComm for Dante® system designed for supporting high-channel-count, advanced multichannel monitoring applications. Features include one 16-channel and one stereo Dante digital audio input and one 16-channel balanced analogue input. Also includes one 16-channel and one stereo Dante monitor output and one 16-channel balanced analogue monitor output.


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