Audio over IP

‘Real time’ distribution of audio, video and data signals is an essential requirement of professional content creators. As technology has developed, traditional analogue tie-lines and patchbays have been replaced by digital signal formats and routers. While analogue interfacing has near universal compatibility, digital interfacing required standardisation to ensure ‘interoperation’ between devices. The next stage in […]

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Audio loudness and loudness control has been an important topic for broadcast television for over a decade now. Driven by consumer complaints, and exacerbated by the additional dynamic range afford by digital TV broadcast systems over their analogue forbearers, bodies around the world started to try and solve the problem of loudness variances between programming […]

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Dolby Atmos Mixing

Dolby Atmos creates an immersive 360-degree audio environment for Film, TV, VR and more. With 79% of consumers preferring a Dolby Atmos enabled theatre it’s easy to see how Dolby Atmos has firmly established its position as the industry-leading immersive audio format. From commercials to box-set dramas, content creators have been quick to recognise how […]

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Pro Tools Audio Production

Since launch (as Sound Tools) in 1984, Pro Tools has become the ubiquitous Digital Audio Workstation for music production and audio post. Already established as the successor to tape in music studios, the acquisition of Digidesign (manufacturer of Pro Tools) by non-linear video editing pioneer Avid in 1995 brought about a shift towards Pro Tools […]

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