Dolby Atmos Redefines the Entertainment Experience


Dolby Atmos enables creators to easily create three-dimensional sonic environments where they can precisely place and move individual sounds to deliver an entirely new entertainment experience. These tools can be integrated into existing mixing, editing, and sound design workflows.

Every day, Dolby Atmos is becoming more readily available across devices and content; it’s been embraced by both audiences and top content creators. HHB is Dolby’s official UK Pro Audio distributor, and we have the most experience in equipping and training our broadcast and post production clients for producing Dolby Atmos content.

At HHB, we don’t just supply the gear – in fact we typically engage with clients before they even begin building a new Atmos room, advising on all aspects from monitor placement through to room certification. And our Wells Street Atmos-equipped demo facility provides the perfect venue for product demonstrations and training.

Further simplifying things for our customers, HHB has packaged the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite (DAMS) software on a standalone workstation, configuring the software on Dolby approved hardware with MADI or Dante I/O to create a complete, Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Rendering and Mastering Unit (HE-RMU), including installation into the customer’s workflow, and a day of on-site training.


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Dolby Atmos is moving beyond movies and live broadcast. Now, with the release of the Amazon Echo Studio, along with TIDAL adding a Dolby Atmos option to their streaming service, demand for Dolby Atmos Music is set to increase. Music creators interested in learning more can sign up for HHB news and we’ll send you a how-to guide for using the Dolby Atmos Production Suite software tools.


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