Dolby Atmos home entertainment rendering and mastering unit


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The Dolby HE-RMU is designed to enable facilities to create, edit, mix, and master near-field home entertainment Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray and Digital streaming services.

This complete package is approved by Dolby to provide all necessary hardware and software for a facility to produce Dolby Atmos content, as well as enabling edit, pre-mix and QC workflows for additional rooms to work with Dolby Atmos content mastered in the main mix room.

The software component of the HE-RMU system is the Dolby Atmos Renderer which is the latest software replacing both the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite & Dolby Atmos Production Suite and is based on the same tools used for creating cinema soundtracks. With the HE-RMU, audio professionals can deliver Dolby Atmos content across television, music, Blu-ray, gaming, and VR, whilst also allowing for theatrical pre-mixing.

The RMU allows you to offload all the processing for the combining of audio objects with 3D pan metadata into your main monitoring render, as well as providing up to 64 channels of live re-renders, and the authoring of your final Dolby Atmos deliverables. Such deliverables include Dolby Atmos Master File (DAMF) and Audio Definition Model (ADM BWF).

For the Dolby HE-RMU, there are specific hardware configurations approved by Dolby, available as either a Mac or Windows based system, with MADI or Dante I/O for input and output to your DAW, routing and speaker monitoring system.

Prior to being delivered, the HHB Tech Support team will configure and test the system ensuring it will be ready to install upon delivery and will provide either remote or in person commissioning.

HE-RMU hardware includes

• Mac mini with PCIe chassis or PC workstation
• MADI or Dante
• Media storage drive
• iLok USB authorisation dongle

The Dolby Atmos Render includes

•Dolby Atmos Renderer
•Dolby Atmos Renderer Remote
•Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool
•Dolby Atmos Binaural Settings plug-in
•Dolby Atmos Music Panner (AAX, VST3, AU)
•Dolby LTC Generator plug-in
•Session templates and documentation

New features included in Dolby Atmos Render not previously available with Dolby Atmos Production Suite

  • Native Apple silicon support
  • Import, export, and monitor high-resolution 96 kHz ADM BWF files
  • Experience new and improved UI as well as performance enhancements
  • Create 5.1.2 re-renders
  • Retain your trim and downmix settings

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HHB Communications is one of the most trusted Dolby certified dealers, having provided everything from consultation to training on Dolby Atmos across the world. From international post-production facilities to independent post-houses, we are here to help. We can offer in person demonstration sessions at either our Headquarters or at Scrub located in Fitzrovia.

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So that you can quickly start delivering content in Dolby Atmos, HHB offers a post installation training course that can be bundled with your RMU purchase. Let our team guide yours in learning how to mix in this new format. To learn more contact sales today.

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