HHB supplies Radio Facilities with Yellowtec products

HHB Communications Limited recently provided London voiceover studio Radio Facilities with a package of Yellowtec m!ka and litt products, including three m!ka Monitor Mounting Systems (MMS).

Based in Hammersmith, west London, Radio Facilities records everything from commercials to podcasts and radio PR days to corporate audio.

litt LED signalling devices were added to the MMS poles, freeing up valuable desk space. The opportunity was taken to add litt Colour Segments in all five of the available colours to provide status indications to voice artists. HHB additionally supplied m!ka Mic Arms as well as a m!ka Copy Stand script tray.

“We were looking to upgrade our studio screens and cue light signalling and the m!ka and litt systems from Yellowtec stood out as the most stylish options,” says Andrew Hughes, Managing Director, Radio Facilities. “We also took the opportunity to install the m!ka Copy Stand, which is a great way to ensure that voiceover artists always have their script correctly positioned and stay on mic! HHB worked with us on the spec and we are delighted with the results.”

Recent clients have remarked on the stylish design of the m!ka and litt systems. The signalling devices, in particular the Colour Segments, have also sped up the recording process. This means that a documentary narration that previously took three-and-a-half hours to record can now be completed in three hours.

“Radio Facilities has a set of impressive studios and it’s great they have been able to integrate some of the newest Yellowtec m!ka and litt products in this upgrade,” says Andrew Hingley, Sales Manager, HHB. “The flexibility of the m!ka range enables the most complicated configurations of monitors, microphones, script trays and signalling lights to be elegantly realised.”

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