YELLOWTEC iXm Podcaster - YT5080

Recording Microphone


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The iXm Recording Microphone is a universal recording device which is especially developed for journalists. Reduced to efficiency, it is equipped with an easy-to-use instrument panel. The iXm’s onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect audio levels in every recording.

To meet the wishes of the podcasting community, Yellowtec rethought the iXm and came up with an additional version: iXm Podcaster (YT5080) – a tool affordable for every ambitious podcaster who is longing for the iXm Recording Mic’s sound quality. With ease, the integrated LEA levelling technology masters every recording environment and secures professional sound – no post production needed! As a podcaster, you save valuable time for content creation!

Compared to the iXm Recording Mic, iXm Podcaster does not have a built-in battery or interchangeable mic heads. It only supports the dynamic cardioid mic head of the iXm PRO Line by Yellowtec. This makes it the perfect budget pleasant pick for every podcaster who is longing for iXm sound quality. Blue will be every podcaster’s new favourite colour.

Yellowtec’s PRO microphone head with cardioid recording pattern as a directed head is designed for recordings in environments with various noise levels. Thus, it is known as an allrounder which is a solid choice even for complex acoustic environments. Because of its sound pickup from the front, it filters background noise and with its optimal frequency response ensures brilliant voice recording and clarity. The cardioid pickup pattern suits best for interviews in various surroundings like events and outdoor locations with a lot of traffic noise. When using the head, there is a slight bass boost in near-field, but no common high proximity effect of directed microphones. Due to the high-pass-filter that is found inside the iXm recorder’s LEA Engine a perfect balance of frequency ranges is achieved.

Key Features

  • Universal recording device especially developed for voice recordings made by podcasters
  • Perfect audio levels at the push of a button
  • Onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect recording levels in every recording – Whether whisper or cry, you will always enjoy a perfect audio level
  • Amazing recordings even under stressful conditions, no matter the environment
  • iXm Podcaster ONLY supports the dynamic cardioid iXM PRO Line Head
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive instrumental panel reduced to efficiency
  • Shock-mount isolation efficiently protects your recording from handheld noise
  • Light-up icons for Recording Status, Battery Status and Memory Status
  • As an innovative app for iOS and Android iXm Uplink simplifies your reporting
    • iXm Uplink facilitates the uplink of data from the iXm and your mobile device
    • Choose a wireless SD card to connect your iXm with your mobile device via WiFi link (not included)
    • iXm Uplink provides sophisticated editing, archiving and meta tag features
    • Use iXm Uplink to download soundfiles from your iXm and edit them
    • Distribute your *.WAV, *.BWF and MP2 (MPEG1 Layer2) files via email, Dropbox and FTP.
  • Flexible power management thanks to battery compartment for 3x AA batteries
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Blue anodized appearance
  •  Includes 32GB SD Card, USB Cable and 3x AA batteries

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