WOHLER Dolby D/DD+/E Monitoring Option

for iVAM, iAM & eAMP ranges

Software activation key


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Dolby D, DD+, & E processing is available as an additional processing option for the following units and provides access to decoded Dolby streams and related metadata.

Compatible with

  • iVAM1-12G
  • iVAM1-3
  • iVAM2-2
  • iAM1-12G
  • IAM1-8
  • IAM2-8
  • eAMP1-S8 DA *
  • eAMP1-S8-MDA *
  • eAMP1-S16-MDA *
  • eAMP1-S8-2MDA *
  • eAMP1-S16-2MDA *

* eAMP range requires OPT-ePackage for OPT-Dolby compatibility

Enable monitoring of Dolby D, DD+ or E streams. Software activation key. Functions on SDI via BNC, or any of the following OPT/SFP’s: OPT-AES, SFP-SDI-Fibre, SFP-2022-6, SFP-2110, and SFP-2110+2022-6



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