8-ch SDI & Analog audio monitor with IP options


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An Audio Monitor that provides Value for Money!

The new iAM-AUDIO1-8 is an easy to use 8 channel IP ready audio monitor which comes standard with 3G-SDI and Analog inputs, loudness monitoring and phase status. It is intended for those end users who only need 8 channels of monitoring and want a price break from our fuller-featured units. License other signal formats and  processing options, including Dolby, AoIP, Toslink and 8 channel Analog, as and when needed, either initially or after purchase.

Flexible. Adaptable. Future Proof.

iAM-AUDIO1-8 is designed to be easy to operate, providing fast access to meters, menus and presets.  Options for additional signals, including AES3, MADI64, DanteTM, RavennaTM, SMPTE-2110 and SMPTE-2022-7.

All iAM Series monitors contain an onboard web server. Multiple units on the same network can be updated, monitored and controlled via a browser-based user interface that supports fast configuration with role-based authentication that protects critical configurations from unauthorized alteration.

Key Features

  • Audio monitoring (up to 8 channels) from multiple sources
  • Up to 64 presets
  • Optional Output Routing enables the flexibility to route input signals to various outputs
  • 2 x 3G SDI Inputs on BNC; 1 x 3G SDI Output of selected source on BNC
  • Optional I/O for SMPTE 2110 or SMPTE 2022 via SFP, AES3 on HD-15 (incl selected audio source converted to AES3 out), & MADI via BNC (looped out)
  • Measure Audio Loudness using ITU-R BS.1770 or EBU R128 standards
  • Option Cards for AoIP or an additional 8 channels of analog inputs and outputs
  • Software upgrades via USB or network.
  • APIs included for remote control


  • OPT-AES (829080) – Enables decoding and monitoring of 8 x AES channels (4 pairs) on HD-15
  • OPT-MADI (829092) – Enables decoding and monitoring of 1 x MADI64 input via BNC
  • OPT-DOLBY (iVAM)( 829174) – Enable monitoring of Dolby D, DD+ or E streams. Software activation key.  Functions on SDI via BNC, or any of the following OPT/SFP’s:  OPT-AES, SFP-SDI-Fibre, SFP-2022-6, SFP-2110, and SFP-2110+2022-6
  • OPT-OUTPUT-ROUTING (829159) -Enables the flexibility to route input signals to various outputs.
  • OPT-DANTE (iVAM) (829171) – Enable monitoring from up to a 64ch Dante Input. Hardware card with software activation key. Includes AoIP card enabling primary and secondary
  • OPT-RAVENNA 64 (iVAM) (829172) – Enable monitoring from up to 64ch Ravenna/ AES67 Input. Includes NMOS support. Hardware card with software activation key. Includes AoIP
  • OPT-ANLG/TOS (829170) – Enable monitoring of 8 Analogue channels on DB-25. Hardware card with software activation key. Includes Optical TOSLINK input
  • OPT-SFP (829179) – Adds two additional 3G inputs to 3G products, or two 12G inputs to 12G products.
  • SFP-2110 (829086) – SMPTE 2110 receiver; Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC Connectors
  • SFP-2022 (829088) – SMPTE 2022 receiver, LC Connectors
  • SFP-2110+2022-6 (829087) – SMPTE 2110 or 2022-6 receiver; Multi-Mode 850 NM, LC Connectors
  • SFP-MM-MADI-FIBER (829081) – MADI fibre transceiver; Multimode, LC Connectors
  • SFP-SM-MADI-FIBER (829082) – MADI fibre transceiver; Singlemode, LC Connectors
  • SFP-SDI (829089) – 3G/HD/SD-SDI single video receiver w/active loopback, HD-BNC
  • SFP-SDI-FIBER (829084) – 3G/HD/SD-SDI or ASI single receiver w/active loopback, HD-BNC

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