End of Year Clearance Sale

We are happy to announce an end of year sale where we are offering fantastic prices on a range of products. This includes demo units in good condition, to brand new products.

This sale will be managed directly with the HHB Sales team, to star the purchasing process email [email protected] or call: 020 8962 5000

CategoryBrandProduct CodeDescriptionConditionPrice ex VAT
MiscellaneousAJAU-TAP-SDIAJA 3G / SDI CaptureNew£280.00
Dante/AoIPAmphenolRJD1112-0050Amphenol Dante to 1-Ch Analogue XLR Adaptor (PoE) New£95.00
Network AdaptorAmphenolRJD1112-0050Amphenol Dante Analogue XLR adaptorNew£90.00
Audio InterfaceAphexIN2Aphex IN2 Desktop USB InterfaceNew£110.00
MacAppleMYD82B/AApple MacBook Pro 13″ TB, M1 Chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Space GreyNew£950.00
Headphone AmpARTART-HEADAMP4E4ART Headamp4 – 4-Channel Headphone Amp New£42.00
MiscellaneousARTARTPHANTOM-IART Phantom-I Single Phantom Power Unit New£35.00
MiscellaneousAtacamaATABITESSMD-Z7.5HDAtacama Atabites SMD-Z7.5HD Filler (7.5kg) New£15.00
MicrophoneAudio TechnicaAT808GAudio Technica Subcardioid Dynamic Goodeneck microphoneNew£110.00
Pro ToolsAvid9900-38924-20Avid SYNC HDEx Demo£1,295.00
Control SurfaceAvid9900-65399-14Avid S3 16-Fader EUCON Control Surface for ProNew£3,500.00
Control SurfaceAvid9900-65399-03Avid S3 Control Surface StudioEx demo£2,600.00
Power SupplyBehringerPSU-SBBehringer Footpedal PSU 9V New£8.00
HeadphonesBeyerDT108Beyerdynamic DT 108 Headset (400 Ohm)New£109.00
Video TransportBroaManM224444R515002PA1BroaMan Mux22-IVT/IC444, 4x SDI I/O, 4x RS485/422 (pair)Ex demo£6,000.00
DSP with DanteBSSBLU-806 + EC-8BVBSS BLU-806 Signal Processor with Digital Audio Bus and Dante bundled with EC-8BV RemoteEx demo£3,400.00
MeteringDK AudioDK2DK Audio DK2 Master Surround Meter Inc PSUEx demo£475.00
MeteringDK AudioDK5DK Audio DK5 Meter With 3G SDI interfaceEx demo£695.00
Atmos DecoderDolbyDP580Dolby DP580 Multi Format Reference DecoderNew£4,250.00
SoftwareEmpircal LabsAROUSOR2.1Empirical Labs Arousor Compressor Plug InNew£120.00
Monitor ArmErgotron45-241-224Ergotron LX Mounting Arm for Monitor – Matte Black New£50.00
Audio InterfaceFocusriteSCARLETTOCTOPREFocusrite Scarlett Octopre – 8ch mic pre  with 24-bit/192khz conversionNew£215.00
Audio InterfaceFocusriteSCARLETT4I4G3Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 USB Interface 3rd GenNew£145.00
Audio InterfaceFocusriteSCARLETT18I20G3Scarlet 18i20 Audio InterfaceNew£330.00
LoudspeakerFostex6301NXFostex 6301N/X (With XLR) Monitor (Transformer  Balanced)New£195.00
LoudspeakerFostex6301NXFostex 6301NX Powered monitor (transformer balanced XLR)New£185.00
LoudspeakerGenelec4040AGenelec 4040AMM Two-way Active Loudspeakerex demo£400.00
LoudspeakerGlensoundDIVINEGlensound DIVINE PoE Powered 4 Input Active DSP & Network Controlled Loudspeakerex demo£195.00
MediaHHBDVD-R4.7GB-GBULKIP50HHB DVD-R4.7GB-G50 Bulk Inkjet Printable, Cake Box Of 50New£10.00
MonitorHPB07PDMYM5KHP Pavillion 32″ QHD MonitorNew£270.00
Audio InterfaceIK MultimediaIP-IRIG-HD2-INIK Multimedia iRig HD2 InterfaceNew£59.00
Audio InterfaceIK MultimediaIP-IRIG-PRE-INIK Multimedia iRig Pre – Universal Microphone Interface/preamp for iOS & Android (TRRS)New£25.00
Audio InterfaceIK MultimediaIP-IRIG-PROIO-INIK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O Mobile Audio/MIDI Interface for iOS, Android, Mac & PCNew£95.00
MiscellaneousIsoAcousticIS-ISO/L8R155IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Isolation Stand (Pair) New£50.00
MiscellaneousIsoAcousticIS-ISO/L8R200SUBIsoAcoustics ISO-L8R200SUB Isolation Stand (Each) New£45.00
MiscellaneousLindy21970Lindy SAS / SATA II HDD Backplane Module New£15.00
MiscellaneousLindy51133Lindy 4 Port SATA II Card, RAID 5 Function , PCIe x8New£99.00
CableLindy35330Lindy 5m 3.5mm Extension Audio Cable, Cromo Line New£10.00
StandManfrottoMKCOMPACTACN-BKManfrotto Compact Action Tripod  BlackNew£25.00
StandManfrottoMTPIXI-BManfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Black New£12.50
Recorders/PlayersMarantzPRC661Marantz PRC661 Softcase For PMD661 New£10.00
MiscellaneousMidi SolutionsMSQTHRUMidi Solutions Quadra Thru New£15.00
CableMogamiGOLD8ADXF10FMogami 10ft 8-Way DB25-FXLR Gold Analog New£55.00
CableMogamiGOLD8TDDB25DB2510FMogami 10ft 8-Way AES/EBU DB25-DB25 (Tascam) Gold New£55.00
CableMogamiGOLDTXF10FMogami 10ft XLR-F-TRS Gold Analog New£15.00
LoudspeakerNeumannKH120Neumann KH120 Analogue 2 Way Studio MonitorNew£430.00
MicrophoneNeumannTLM103TLM 103 Condenser MicrophoneNew£700.00
Dante/AoIPNeutrikNA2-IO-DLINENeutrik Dante InterfaceNew£165.00
MiscellaneousOWCOWCTB2IVKIT0GBOWC Thunderbay 4 – High-Performance Storage  EnclosureNew£195.00
Recorders/PlayersPortabraceARPM661BPortabrace ar-pmd661b Carry Bag for PMD661 New£75.00
MeteringRTWTM3SRTW TM3S Smart Touchmonitor w/ Breakout Box for I/ONew£1,150.00
MeteringRTWTM3-PrimusRTW TM3S Primus Touchmonitor New£750.00
MeteringRTWTM9-DANTERTW TM9-Dante Touch Monitor with Dante I/O and & all optional Licences – call for detailsEx demo£5,000.00
MicrophoneRycote011007Rycote 21mm BBG Windshield New£39.00
MicrophoneRycote037301Rycote Soft Grip Extension Handle New£10.00
MicrophoneRycote104404Rycote 104404 35/50 Reporter Mic Foam – Single New£5.00
MicrophoneSanken COS11DBKSanken COS11D Phantom Powered Lavalier Microphone (Black)New£375.00
MicrophoneSennheiser004840Sennheiser CL2 Line Cable XLR3F for SK100 SK300 SK500 Evolution WirelessNew£10.00
MicrophoneSennheiserHS2-5Sennheiser HS 2-5 – Neckband microphone,  omnidirectional, 1.6m bare end cable, blackNew£195.00
MicrophoneSennheiserMZW415ANTSennheiser MZW 415-ANT Foam Windshield for MKH 416 AnthraciteNew£10.00
MicrophoneSennheiserHS2-5Sennheiser Omni Neckworn Headset Microphone (Black no connector)New£275.00
MiscellaneousShureWA504Shure WA504 Rackmount Interface for PSM Series – Mounting bracket connects 2 half-rack productsNew£10.00
Headphone AmplifierSonifexRBHD6Sonifex RB-HD6 Headphone Distribution Amplifier New£325.00
Video Card InterfaceSonnetSON-GPU550W-TB3Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550 TB3 Expansion System New£195.00
MicrophoneSoundfieldSPS200 /K1Soundfield Surround Microphone KitNew£1,500.00
Monitor ControllerStudio TechMODEL780-02Studio Technologies 780-02 Central Controller w/ 790 Control Console (7.1 Analogue Output)New£1,995.00
Monitor ControllerStudio TechModel68A / 69AModel 68A Central Controller and Model 69A Control Consoleex demo£500.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5418Studio Technologies Model 5418 Mic/Line Interface New£2,150.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5422-01Studio Technologies Model 5422-01 Dante Intercom Audio Engine (One 32-Channel Engine)Ex demo£995.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL216Studio Technologies Model 216 Dante-enabled Announcer Console w/ 3 Talkback Outputs (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£450.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL380Studio Technologies Model380 Dante On-Air Beltpack (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£145.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL370Studio Technologies Model 370 Dante Intercom Beltpack (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£145.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5414Studio Technologies Model 5414 4-Ch Mic/line Dante Interface (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£500.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5202Studio Technologies Model 5202 Dante To Phones And Line Output Interface (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£150.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5204Studio Technologies Model 5204 Dual Line Input To Dante InterfaceNew£195.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5204Studio Technologies Model 5204 Dual Line Input To Dante Interface (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£160.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL362Studio Technologies Model 362 Dante Listen-Only Beltpack (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£145.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL374Studio Technologies M374 Dante Intercom Beltpack (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£225.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL44DStudio Technologies Model 44D Dante Interface (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£250.00
Dante/AoIPStudio TechMODEL5205Studio Technologies Model 5205 Mic/line Dante Interface (older generation of Audinate board – does not support AES67 Mode)Ex demo£200.00
Recorders/PlayersTascamVS-R265Tascam 4K/UHD Video Streamer/RecorderNew£1,195.00
Recorders/PlayersTascamSS-CDR250NTascam SS-CDR250N Networkable Solid-State/CD AudioNew£545.00
Recorders/PlayersTascamBD-MP4KTascam BD-MP4K 4K/UHD Blu-Ray/Multimedia PlayerNew£316.00
Recorders/TascamDR-44WLTascam DR-44WL Handheld RecorderNew£195.00
Recorders/TascamDR-10XTascam XLR Plug on PCM Recorder £75.00
Audio InterfaceYellowtecYT4240Yellowtec PUC2 Lite USB Interface With Stereo AES/EBU I/O OnlyNew£320.00
Audio InterfaceYellowtecYT4211Yellowtec PUC2 USB Interface With Stereo Line & AES/EBU I/ONew£410.00
Audio InterfaceYellowtecYT4221Yellowtec PUC2 Mic LEA USB Interface With Mic Leveling ProcessorNew£610.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3211Yellowtec m!ka BushingEx demo£39.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3231Yellowtec m!ka Monitor Arm Aluminium XSEx demo£69.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3801Yellowtec m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm S (3-8kg)Ex demo£175.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3205Yellowtec m!ka Mic Arm “On Air” AluminiumEx demo£175.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3628Yellowtec m!ka Monitor Arm SL BlackEx demo£95.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3229Yellowtec m!ka Monitor Arm XL AluminiumEx demo£125.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3243Yellowtec m!ka MMS Pole 21″ (53.34cm) AluminiumEx demo£40.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3240Yellowtec m!ka MMS Pole 17.5in (44.5 cm) AluminiumEx demo£40.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3213Yellowtec m!ka Mic Arm To MMS Pole AdapterEx demo£45.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3275Yellowtec m!ka iPad Dock With QuickfixEx demo£45.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3273Yellowtec m!ka Copy Stand Plexiglass Pane A4Ex demo£12.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3209Yellowtec m!ka “On Air” Mic Arm TV AluminiumEx demo£175.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3290Yellowtec m!ka MMS Wall 80 cm / 31.5″Ex demo£50.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3240Yellowtec m!ka MMS Pole 17.5in (44.5 cm) AluminiumEx demo£35.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3245Yellowtec m!ka MMS Pole Desktop Mounting KitEx demo£15.00
m!ka Mounting SolutionsYellowtecYT3280Yellowtec m!ka Studio LightEx demo£175.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5010Yellowtec iXm Recorder with Beyer Omni HeadEx demo£445.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5041Yellowtec iXm Pro Line Omni Microphone HeadEx demo£55.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5061Yellowtec iXm Pro Line Supercardioid Microphone HeadEx demo£55.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5250Yellowtec iXm Pro Cardioid Bundle – iXm Recorder w/SD Card ReadersNew£740.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5240Yellowtec iXm Pro Omni Bundle- iXm Recorder w/ WiFi CardNew£660.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5210Yellowtec iXm Premium Omni Bundle- iXm Recorder w/ WiFi CardNew£800.00
Recorders/PlayersYellowtecYT5080Yellowtec iXm Podcaster RecorderNew£495.00
MixerYellowtec YT2200Yellowtec Intellimix Pro Desktop Digital MixerEx demo£2,250.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomH5Zoom H5 Portable RecorderNew£140.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomH4NPROZoom H4n Portable RecorderNew£140.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomAPH4NPROZoom H4N Pro Accessory Pack (Hairy windscreen, Splitter cable, Attenuator cable, USB Cable, AD-14 AC adapter)New£20.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomAPH5Zoom Accessory Pack for H5 (Wired Remote, Windscreen, AD-17 AC Adapter)New£25.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomH3-VRZoom H3-VR 360 Degree VR Handy RecorderNew£150.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomPCF-6Zoom PCF-6 Protective Case for F6 inc. Receiver Pouch and StrapNew£25.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomQ2N4KZoom Q2n-4K Handy Video RecorderNew£115.00
Recorders/PlayersZoomH6Zoom H6 6 Input portable recorderNew£270.00

All prices exclude VAT and delivery. Orders subject to HHB’s terms and conditions of sale.

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