Single-ear headset with dynamic microphone for broadcast and intercom (closed)


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The single-ear headset DT 108 are ideal for use in radio, television, reporting, cameras, sound and light mixing consoles and intercom systems. The soft, circumaural ear padding offers a high degree of wearing comfort and excellent isolation from external noise. The padded headband and microphone boom can be individually adjusted

​​​​​​​This headset is also available in a DT 109 version with two ear cups.

The DT 108 single-muff headset is designed for live, remote broadcasting, for studio, film and TV-applications. One side is open to monitor ambient sound. The protective
ear cup attenuates up to 20 dB of ambient noise. The headset features a noise cancelling microphone.

Key Features

  • Highly sensitive headphone and microphone transducers
  • Excellent ambient noise attenuation
  • Capable of handling very high SPL
  • Rugged construction
  • Excellent comfort for long-term wearing
  • Modular construction for easy servicing
  • 50 and 400 ohms versions

Cable Options

  • K 109.00 Bare-ended straight cable, 1.5 m long (Order # 101.907)
  • K 109.28 Straight cable with 4-pin XLR-socket, 3 m long (Order # 220.132)
  • K 109.38 Straight cable with 5-pin XLR-plug, 1.5 m long (Order # 406.538)
  • K 109.40 Straight cable with 3-pin XLR-plug and 1/4″ jack (6.35 mm), 1.5 m long (Order # 449.121)


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