Scrub equips Angell Sound Studios with an Avid S6

 Scrub, a division of HHB specialising in post production, has provided Angell Sound with an Avid S6 control surface.

Scrub pre-configured a 24-fader S6 M10 control surface complete with Pro Tools upgrades. The complete system was installed at Angell Sound’s Dolby certified/5.1 equipped Studio 2 located at Wardour Street, Soho, London. Angell Sound’s award-winning sound designers have been creating high-quality content for advertising campaigns and long-form projects since 1979.

Sound Designer Dave Robinson is finding that the S6 provides major enhancements in workflow speed and power: “Efficiency is increasingly important in my day-to-day managing of sessions. Whether it be a simple radio campaign or a full-blown cinema mix, it is vital the technology does not get in my way so I can totally focus on the mix. During the decision-making process for a new control surface, I wanted technology that was going to be a complete, seamless extension of the Pro Tools system and that is exactly what I have found with the Avid S6.

Noting stylish aesthetics and enhanced visual feedback, Dave finds the S6’s colour coding and the ability to spill plug-ins parameters and VCA fader groups across the console surface as extremely powerful features: “The colour coding of tracks and plug-ins across the surface means that you know exactly where you are within a mix at a glance and gives you total control over all of the parameters in an instant. Being able to adjust the same function from several different places is a nice feature too, and suits my workflows. This can be achieved directly on the control modules or touchscreen, an extremely versatile approach.”

Also Dave extensively uses the EUCON system to his advantage. Dave creates many sound design projects for both TV and film work. He will often assign a set of faders to Pro Tools, then another group of faders to Logic. The increase in Dave’s creativity and productivity has been a very welcome plus point for his very busy schedules. Currently Dave is working on several binaural projects, so being able to mix and match software via the EUCON software and the S6 has been a marvellous feature of this Avid system.

Dave comments that the Scrub team were extremely helpful throughout the project, providing excellent installation, training and after-sales support: “HHB/Scrub have been a great help in getting me up to speed. The installation was both quick and seamless and I was up and running in no time. As well as the support and advice I received during set-up, the after-sales support has been there to help me fine-tune any queries I had following the installation.”

Head of Scrub Sales Ben Scully comments: “Angell Sound has been creating high-quality work for the world’s biggest brands and clients for decades and they are highly respected in the industry. Dave is doing some very unique and interesting things with the S6 that highlights his creativity and the versatility of the S6 platform.”

Customers are invited to view the full features of the S6 and v2.0 software with a knowledgeable Avid specialist by contacting Scrub sales on +44 (0)20 7025 6020 or [email protected].

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