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HHB is Dolby’s official UK Pro Audio distributor, and we have extensive experience in equipping and training our music, broadcast and postproduction clients for producing Dolby Atmos content.


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At HHB, we don’t just supply the gear – in fact we typically engage with clients before they even begin building a new Dolby Atmos room, advising on all aspects from monitor placement through to room requirements. Interested in hearing Dolby Atmos? Visit our Wells Street Atmos-equipped demo facility  for product demonstrations and training.



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Further simplifying things for our customers, HHB has packaged the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite (DAMS) software on a standalone workstation, configuring the software on Dolby approved hardware with MADI or Dante I/O to create a complete, Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Rendering and Mastering Unit (HE-RMU), including installation into the customer’s workflow, and a day of on-site training.


How we create and experience music is changing

Avid S1 and Dock


Dolby Atmos Music is a revolutionary new ‘object based’ immersive audio format for music production. This new format allows artists to push their creative boundaries. With Dolby Atmos Music, mixers have the ability to place and move sounds in a 3D environment with more precision, allowing for even more creative possibilities.


The demand for Dolby Atmos Music is growing fast

Today hundreds of movies, television shows, and video games are already produced in Dolby Atmos, and each year more and more devices are equipped to bring immersive audio to the everyday listener.  With hundreds of speakers and headphones now able to play in Dolby Atmos and as multiple streaming services  (Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal) now offering it as a service the ability to work in this format is an excellent way to grow any studio’s business.


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Whether you are just interested in learning more or are ready to upgrade your studio our team of experts are here to help.  Out team will not only ensure your room is up to spec but that it will be future proof for further advancements in this popular technology.  You can call us at 020 8962 5000 or submit the form below and one of our sales engineers will contact you shortly.


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