2-Wire Analogue Audio to 4-Wire Analogue Audio Interface


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The Model 45A provides a full-featured 2-channel interface which includes two hybrid circuits with automatic nulling capability. The analogue hybrid circuitry provides excellent audio quality and high return-loss. For flexibility, the Model 45A can be powered by the connected 2-wire party-line circuit or by means of an external source of 24 Vdc. When powered by an external source the Model 45A is capable of supplying DC power to the 2-wire intercom circuit, allowing direct operation of devices such as user beltpacks. Audio level meters provide confirmation of system performance during setup and operation. Standard audio connectors are used for all input and output signals. The Model 45A’s enclosure has a “1/2-rack” 1U form factor and weighs less than two pounds, making it well suited for use in portable applications. Alternately, using one of the optional rack-mount front panels, one or two Model 45A units can be mounted in a single space of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure or one unit can be mounted in a special 10.5-inch rack.

Key features
• Portable “throw-down” or rack-mount use
• Analogue hybrids with auto null capability
• Input and output level metering
• Excellent audio quality
• Flexible powering
• Standard audio connectors
• Transformer-coupled 4-wire inputs and outputs
• Integrated 2-wire intercom power source



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