Precision Reference Generator


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DXD-8 Universal Clock

A Precision Reference Generator with 8 Universal Outputs and a PTP Option

The DXD series from Brainstorm is designed to ease the transition to IP. The precision multiformat reference generator generates up to 4 independent video syncs and audio clocks simultaneously. With the PTP option, the DXD-8 acts as a clocking bridge between an IP infrastructure and legacy A/V equipment.

  • TCXO or optional OCXO Oscillator
  • 8 User Definable BNC Outputs
  • 4 Simultaneous Output Rates/Formats
  • WC, AES, SD & HD Video Sync, 10MHz, LTC (option) Generated legacy formats
  • 2 User Definable BNC Input
  • WC, AES, SD & HD Video Sync, 10MHz Input Formats
  • External Reference Failover
  • NTP Server
  • NTP Client (TOD Transfer)
  • PTP Option
  • PTP v2, PTP v1 & gPTP (AVB)
  • Grandmaster or Slave PTP Functions
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • Web Browser GUI
  • GPS receiver w/ antenna input Option (DXD/GPS)
  • Timecode Generator (LTC) Option (DXD/LTC)
  • Timecode Outputs (w/ option) 8 unbalanced (BNC)
  • Dual 12VDC Power Supply
  • Redundant Power with Auto-Failover

Customize Your Unit with User-Assignable BNC Outputs

The DXD-8 generates up to 4 independent sync signals simultaneously and routes them to the 8 BNC outputs. These outputs can be set for any of the generated references, video or audio, giving the DXD-8 great flexibility. This includes: all standard SD and HD video sync formats (Black Burst and HD tri-level sync), word clock and AES11 DARS (standard rates up to 384 KHz and all the necessary pull-up/down, including 24:25 conversions, even VSO) and 10MHz. With the Time Code option, LTC is also included.

Accurate and Versatile Clock Generator

A high-accuracy internal crystal oscillator (TCXO) provides a very stable frequency reference (+/- 1ppm). An optional oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) can be installed.

External legacy signals can also be used as reference, such as Word Clock, AES, Video Sync (SD & HD) or a 10MHz tone. The generated outputs have extremely low jitter. The output rates are independent from the reference rate which means that any rate can be generated locked to any reference such as 59.97 from 25FPS for example.

PTP Slave or Grandmaster

The DXD-8 can be a PTP slave or a PTP Grandmaster giving the operator exceptional flexibility:

  • As a PTP slave, it can generate legacy sync so that the legacy equipment locks to the network;
  • As a PTP master, it can lock to an external legacy sync source so that the network locks to the legacy equipment;
  • As a stand-alone master, locked to its internal oscillator or GPS, it provides sync to the network via the PTP port and to the legacy equipment via the BNC outputs, simultaneously.