Timecode distripalyzer.


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The SR-112 Distripalyzer is a multi-function processor designed to read, distribute, reshape and analyse time code. Its front panel features a large, 8 digit reader capable of sending error reports via an Ethernet port. All modern SMPTE and EDU SD/HD rates are supported. It can also repair bad timescodes and generate new ones via the optional generator software.

The SR-112 Distripalyzer accurately monitors and identifies errors associated with processes including timecode format and frame rate, timecode errors, video phase and timecode reports. Timecode is distributed through a 1×12 distributor (buffered outputs, output levels) and it’s D-As reshape the signal to eliminate amplitude distortions and input level fluctuations, before distribution. The optional time code generator software has 2 main functions: repairing time code and generating new time code.


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