Timecode Distributor/Reshaper


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Cleans up timecode and distributes it to multiple destinations through 8 individually buffered outputs. Ideal for long cable runs. Either of the 2 inputs can be selected.

Like it’s big brother the SR-112 Distripalyzer, the SR-28 can drive timecode over long cables, making it ideal for synchronization during live shows and remote recording.

The SR-28 time code distributor, with two inputs and eight outputs, reshapes time code while distributing it, eliminating amplitude distortions and level fluctuations. The level of each output is individually adjustable via front panel pots. The input is selected via a front panel switch. Also included are 2 power inputs and an automatic switch over in case of failure.


  • 2 x 8 time code distributor
  • Designed to send TC over long cables
  • Buffered outputs; balanced or unbalanced
  • Individual output level adjust
  • Low input threshold can help recover unreadable code
  • Reshaper eliminates amplitude distortions and level fluctuations
  • 2 power inputs for redundancy