Exploring the Best Digital Mixers Available for Broadcast

The number of digital mixers available on today’s market can make choosing the right one difficult. Considering the investment and importance of a mixer to the modern broadcast audio workflow makes finding the right choice paramount.  At HHB we work closely with manufactures and broadcasters alike to reflect on the various options available to fit numerous applications. For the purposes of this article we’ve pulled together a list of some of the newer and more popular options taking into account a balance of features, performance, budget, and physical size.

Made for broadcast


Yamaha DM7

Yamaha recently introduced the DM7 consoles, it is an exciting new range that with the addition of a broadcast software package, become flexible tools for broadcasters. The DM7 and smaller DM7 Compact are reliable general purpose live mixing consoles boasting large touch screens and ergonomic layout. The addition of the Control Sidecar with broadcast software package turns it into a fell featured broadcast console. The added software features include Mix Minus, Fader Cue Release, Back Stop PFL, Audio Follow Video, Source Selection Mix Mode and Loudness Meter. This gives the operator all the tools needed for an dependable broadcast experience. Need more? The additional hardware controls include two extra faders, 16 user definable keys and four knobs, panner and jog wheel. Offering excellent sound quality that can be expanded to the needs of user offering an comfortable  and creative workflow. Where an auxiliary compact digital mixer is required, the entry level DM3 with Dante connectivity complements the DM7 with consistent user interface.


SSL System T

SSL System T Console

With AoIP-based routing at its core, plus full immersive and next generation audio features, the System T has been designed for the challenges of modern broadcast production. The System T broadcast platform brings together the latest digital technology with a legacy of 40 years of audio console design experience. A choice of surface, engine and I/O configuration makes System T and flexible chose for a number of broadcast applications.


Yellowtec Intellimix


Yellowtec’s Intellimix is an innovative digital mixing console with very small footprint. The team behind it have thought of everything a broadcaster may need and placed it in a flexible modern format. The contact control surface with four G-Touch© faders and five touch screens gives easy access to the features needed. The clever design hides the fact that this is an 8-channel fully featured broadcast digital mixer with potentially 200+ channels of I/O including AoIP & USB. Users have access to channel strips with comprehensive EQ & dynamics, mix minus, GPI/O and auxiliaries. Possible Applications include newsroom production, small OB vehicles, Grams, video editing and audio production


DiGiCo SD11BDiGiCo SD11B

Several of DiGiCo’s SD consoles have broadcast specific software. The SD11B is the most popular amongst broadcasters due to its small physical size but with features including 80 input channels, Surround Busses, a Monitor Matrix, Backstop PFL and Mix Minus Busses. It’s rack mountable frame and integrated I/O make it ideal addition in small OB vehicles where space is at a premium.

Live consoles used in broadcast applications


Tascam Sonicview

For small scale live broadcast production, where the budget does not extend to that of a fully fledged broadcast console, the Tascam Sonicview range of the offers broadcast reliable systems in two sizes, with intuitive touch screen displays, Dante and multitrack recorder option is a flexible and cost-effective solution. 



Specialist Radio Consoles

On-Air radio requires a mixing console designed for the demands of a live radio broadcast.

AxelTech Oxygen Range

The AxelTech Oxygen range offers on-air features at a budget conscious price point. The flagship Oxygen 3000 Plus range with comprehensive I/O and has recently received a firmware update which adds a redesigned web interface including console surface status and audio streaming for monitoring over the web interface.

Calrec Type R

On-Air radio requires a mixing console designed for the demands of a live radio broadcast. The Calrec Type R is A modular, expandable, IP-based mixing system, Type R uses standard networking hardware and soft panels which can be tailored to operator needs. It has just three hardware panels to create a variety of system types, ties in with Calrec Assist for mixing in the cloud, and provides mix facilities for up to three independent mixers to hang off one system core.



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