Yellowtec’s hush OnAir Controller now enables intuitive OnAir Signalling

Yellowtec’s brand-new hush OnAir Controller is by far the easiest way to control OnAir signalling professionally. As of today two versions of hush are now available. Hush offers users extensive features for controlling OnAir signalling. Hush+ comes with additional control functions over a mic signal such as the mute function. With 12dB up to 75dB preamplification hush+ ensures first-class sound!

Made for m!ka: hush easily allows to take control of OnAir signaling.

Developed as a plug‘n‘play solution, hush and hush+ fit any m!ka Mic Arm with OnAir indicator. Made for m!ka, hush easily gives users control over their OnAir signalling professionally. It is a perfect extension for anyone operating with the m!ka Mounting System. In addition, hush can also be used to control the LED signal of Yellowtec‘s litt Signaling Device.


hush+ embodies the full strength of a high-end mic preamp.

In addition to red light control, hush+ serves as a first-class mic preamp. It comes with advanced control functions for the mic signal. hush+ is the ideal solutions for many microphones that have a low sensitivity and need a preamp in front of the mixer. Via hush App you can adjust the gain of your microphone signal within an extensive range from 12dB up to 75dB at -129dB input referred noise. Activate or deactivate phantom power and the high-pass filter to remove unwanted rumble, according to your mics needs. The result is first-class sound quality for your mic signal.

Various modes allow to easily integrate hush in completely different environments.

Whatever infrastructure defines the setup, hush can easily be integrated to manage OnAir signaling. To control hush you have a choice of five modes. They cover integration options for many application areas like live streamings, audio productions and broadcast setups. Control the hush device via Yellowtec’s hush Remote, GPIs, USB-HID, USB-MIDI or via external MIDI-interface. 


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