Wohler to release new iVAM 1U 12G



Based on the existing Wohler iVAM 3G-SDI products, the new iVAM1-12G (1RU) supports 12G-SDI audio and video monitoring.  It offers a lower cost and more compact chassis size compared to Wohler’s flagship iAM-12G-SDI monitor.  The iVAM1-12G can be configured with the wide range of the iVAM expansion options, these included AoIP, SMPTE-2022/2110, AES, Fibre SDI.  This flexible design and expansion options allows the iVAM1-12G to be configured for specific tasks as well as providing an upgrade path.  There is also a Dolby option for iVAM1-12G for decoding D, DD+ and E streams, but not Atmos ED2 streams (the iAM-12-SDI is required for Dolby Atmos decoding).

With a depth of 5.5” the product ships as standard with two 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs with selected SDI output, a pair of analogue inputs and outputs, an HDMI output, loudness measurement and phase indication. Also included are network capabilities to manage the unit remotely, including viewing meters and other monitoring information.

As with other products in the iVAM range additional signal options are available. This includes AES3 inputs, MADI, ST-2110, ST-2022-6, and audio over IP.  The iVAM1-12G features space for any one of up to three option cards, including the newly released SFP-Option Card,which is now available for iVAM and most iAM products, adding two additional 3G inputs to 3G products, or two 12G inputs to 12G products giving the ability for the iVAM1-12G to monitor up to four 12G/4K inputs.

In addition to the SFP-Option Card, other option cards provide Audio over IP. These are available in either Dante or Ravenna formats – and include 2110-30, primary and secondary RJ-45 Ethernet ports enabling hitless (redundant) 2022-7 monitoring; an analogue option card offers a further 8 balanced inputs and outputs on DB-25 connectors and also benefits from a TOSLINK (SPDIF) connector.

“Our customers particularly enjoy the benefits of our à la carte feature selections, allowing them to pick the signal inputs and options they require today, with the flexibility of an easy upgrade path to add additional features in response to changing technical requirements and budgets. Wohler’s approach is specifically designed to respond to our customers’ needs to protect and future proof their investment. This new IP-ready 12G addition to our range continues this design philosophy, while adding a lower cost option to our iAM-12G-SDI” says Makarand Karanjkar, CEO of Wohler.

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