Wohler releases iAM-SUM audio monitor with up to 32 channels of audio monitoring on a 7” wide touch screen


Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data monitoring solutions are excited to announce the iAM SUM range of audio monitors that offer a choice of up to 32 channels of audio metering on a single 7” wide screen. Available with a choice of 8, 16 or 32 channel formats, the iAM-SUM also benefits from a row of virtual rotary dials to adjust trim levels of individual channels or pairs. These units also display loudness, phase for stereo pairs, and the channel name, which can be manually edited or automatically read from a network connected router – a feature that users will be familiar with from our MIX8 and MIX16.

Whether monitoring 8,16 or 32 channels, the unit can be configured to operate in either single channel or pair mode. Standard features include 3G-SDI and a pair of Analog inputs and outputs. Upgrade/license other signal formats and processing options, as and when needed, either initially or after purchase. Equally at home in QC, fast-paced OB and live-to-air production environments, iAM-SUM provides intuitive audio monitoring with instant access to signals or to user-definable presets of any individual signal source or a mix of sources for monitoring and mixing. Options for additional signals include AES3, MADI, DanteTM, RavennaTM, SMPTE-2110 and SMPTE-2022-7.

Options include the ability to license AES, MADI and custom-mix output routing. An audio over IP Option Card offers monitoring of either Dante or Ravenna (including monitoring of 2110-30). Primary and secondary RJ-45 Ethernet ports on the AoIP option card enable hitless (redundant) 2022-7 monitoring. Recently introduced out-of-band 2110 set-up is available via the web GUI. Also available is an analog option card, offering 8 balanced inputs and outputs on DB-25 connectors and a TOSLINK (SPDIF) connector. A third option card adds two SPF cages which will accept either 3G or 12G SFP’s. API’s, remote GUI’s, loudness, and network ports remain standard on both units.  

“Wohler has taken a large step forward to bring to the market a 32-channel monitor” says Makarand Karanjkar, CEO.  “We are also excited to release a unit with a single larger screen, that incorporates our familiar and mature touch controls backed up by mechanical controls to meet a wide and evolving set of end user use cases.”

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