Wohler launches e AMP S8 & S16 baseband only audio monitors with touch-enabled controls


Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data monitoring solutions have announced the re-design and release of its DA and MDA line of audio monitors in both 8 and 16 channel configurations.  For end users who only require baseband monitoring (3G-SDI, AES3 and Analogue), these units are optimised for a lower price, while being familiar to the market in their monitoring goals.

The 1U e AMP product line was designed to be much easier to operate than the retired S8’s and include a wide 7” LCD touchscreen display providing fast access to input sources, meters and menus, all augmented by hardware controls.  Currently, three units are available, an e AMP1-S8-MDA (8 channels), an e AMP1-S16-MDA (16 channels) and an e AMP1-S8-DA (Analogue and AES only, 8 channels).  SDI includes a looped output.  The base models allow source selection with sum, mute and solo operations (no presets or loudness) with the usual headphone, speakers and Analogue XLR outputs that come with all Wohler products.

For those who want to bring the functionality of these eAMP units closer to their current iSeries offerings, a software upgrade package is available that includes loudness monitoring, presets, web meters/monitoring/ configuration and customised output routing.  Dolby D and Dolby E processing are also available for upgraded units.

“We are pleased to bring back our familiar DA & MDA units to offer a lower price point to customers who require Wohler quality, but don’t need the extra expense involved with IP monitoring,” says Makarand Karanjkar, CEO of Wohler.


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