Wohler Expands the iVAM Range


In May of last year, Wohler Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video, audio, and data monitoring solutions, launched the iVAM 1-1 – the first product in the new iVAM range offering and new level of flexibility and futureproofing with its SFP based expansion possibilities. It is a 16-channel audio/video monitor for a wide range of applications where physical space and budget are limited.  The popularity of the iVAM 1-1 in combination with customer requests for a 2U option have resulted in Wohler releasing the iVAM 2-2 and the iVAM 1-3.


“The iVAM 1-1 offers great flexibility in confidence monitoring and metering of 16-channels of audio, along with video, from a variety of sources from SDI to SMPTE 2110. Its compact size and ease of use makes it particularly suitable in OB truck applications. The new models build on this platform with an enhanced feature set making the iVAM range an attractive prospect for broadcast facilities to standardise on,” comments Matthew Fletcher, Head of Sales at HHB Communications.


Two new models have been added to the iVAM range to bring loudness measurement and preset management in 2U and 1U size units and, with the optional Output Routing licence, signals can be combined and routed for flexible monitoring on the internal speakers or routed to external equipment.



The new iVAM 2-2 can monitor and meter up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI audio and video, plus 2 channels of analogue audio in a compact 2U format. With 64 presets, and utilizing dual touch screens, operators may toggle between video, meters, loudness measurement and menus. An HDMI output allows additional external monitoring of the currently selected video source, while analogue XLR, headphone and selected 3G-SDI output are also included as standard.


The new iVAM 1-3 is a well featured, easy to use, competitively priced 16 channel video and audio monitor which comes standard with 3G-SDI and Analog inputs and includes loudness measurement and phase status. This three screen version enables simultaneous view of meters, loudness and video, making it the perfect for any application that requires a compact product for simple-to complex monitoring of an evolving range of professional signals.


The iVAM range, like the iAM, is flexible, adaptable, and future proof. Each product comes with multiple options including AES3, MADI64, Dante, Ravenna, SMPTE-2110 and SMPTE-2022-7. As technology expands and changes customers will be able ensure their iVAM products stay current with I/O SFPs & expansion cards and software activation keys.


For more information on the iVAM range or any other Wohler product contact HHB sales today.


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