Updates for Avid Pro Tools and EUCON


Pro Tools EUCON 2020.11


November was a prolific month for Avid from updating both Pro Tools and EUCON to the release of a brand-new product, Pro Tools | Carbon. With all of these updates and releases it can be easy to miss important aspects of each. To help we’ve gathered all the details, put them in one place, and our Tech Support team had provided some tips for updating successfully. As a reminder if you have support contract with HHB you can reach out to our team and we’re happy to facilitate your workstations update.


Before you upgrade
Be sure to do a full back up of your system – for Mac systems, we highly recommend using Carbon Copy Cloner. Make sure to allow adequate time to thoroughly test your system after updating!

OS Updates
Be aware – Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) is now available – It is *not* supported at this time for Pro Tools (or many 3rd party software & plug-in vendors).

Pro Tools 2020.11

What is new?

Dark-mode: New Dark theme available providing a comprehensive GUI update – enabled by default, but easily disabled through the Preferences menu.

ADM Export from Pro Tools: Export an ADM file directly from Pro Tools, faster than real-time with all your renderer object and bed group metadata embedded to the file.

Music > MIDI: Turn audio clips into MIDI data from Pro Tools. Works with Monophonic and Polyphonic sounds

Space Clips: You can now evenly space clips on your Pro Tools timeline, great for Game designers, dialogue editors and sound designers.

What is exciting:

ADM Export from Pro Tools: will save a lot of time when submitting fixes to Atmos mixes by being able to export straight from Pro Tools and in faster than real-time

EUCON 2020.11
What is new?

Avid Control Desktop: New application bundled with the EuControl application, that is designed to work as a metering option with the Avid S1 and S3. You can meter up to 32 tracks across four S1s, or 16 tracks across a single S3.

Pro Tools Folder Track Spill: Exactly like VCA spill, you now spill the constituents of a Pro Tools Folder Track on S1, S3, S4 and S6 for improved ease of session management.

PEC/DIR Metering: Much requested by long-form post-production mixers, S4 & S6 are now capable of DFC Style PEC/Direct metering. This is done by linking Channel Display Modules to Post Modules, assigning separate PEC & Direct Meter Sources to a Post Layout for channels up to 7.1.2 wide. These can be from any track, from any connected Workstation (Pro Tools and MTRX), and up to three Display Modules can be used with up to three Post Modules.

EQ and DYN Cycling (Avid S1, S3, Control App, Artist Mix)
The S4 and S6 have this feature already and now it’s on S1 & S3 Surfaces. Tap the EQ or DYN button and depending on your “EUCON Surfaces EQ DYN cycling Starting at Insert” Pro Tools Preference will display your preferred EQ or DYN insert slot to start, and displays either that slot or the next available.

Track Rename (Avid S4, S6, Control App)
You can now rename Pro Tools tracks from both the Avid Control App and S4/S6 Master Module. On Avid Control, double tap a track name anywhere and you will be presented with a keyboard for renaming. Similarly, on the S4/S6 Master Module, double tap the Home Screen’s Track Name to rename it.

Auto Bank to Selected Track (Avid Control App)
Now Avid Control can automatically bank to follow Track selection.

All Controls Track Automation Feedback (Avid S4 and S6 Display Modules, Control App)
Now, on both the Avid Control App and S4/S6 Display Modules, you get visual feedback whenever ANY control on a track goes into Write or Preview mode.

What is exciting
The PEC/Direct Metering functionality brings incredible & intuitive visual feedback when printing stems. This was previously only available on AMS Neve DFC or Avid System5 consoles.

Pro Tools Carbon

Carbon is a powerful new interface from Avid, specifically aimed at providing the tools needed for music recording and production. To learn more about Carbon check it out here or request a demo.

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