Up 4 Loud upgrades to Pro Tools 10 with HDX hardware.

HHB Communications has installed new Pro Tools 10 software, HDX hardware and a 24-fader D-Command console at Up 4 Loud Productions.

Founded in 2004 by well-respected audio engineer Alan Snelling, Up 4 Loud Productions is a two-studio audio post production facility specialising in premixing, Foley and final mixing for TV Drama, Cartoons and film. With credits including Star Wars, Silence of the Lambs and Trainspotting alongside TV programmes such Sherlock, Dr Who and Robin Hood, plus music recording expertise gained at Abbey Road and George Martin’s Air Studios, Alan has a wealth of experience behind  him. And being located just 30 minutes from London makes Up 4 Loud Productions a welcomed escape from the city for London clients.

Snelling was initially a little hesitant to upgrade to Pro Tools 10 and HDX but after hearing how happy his colleagues at Soho’s The F

arm Group were with their multi-studio upgrade he took the decision to go ahead. He has subsequently found PT 10 to be more intuitive than earlier versions: “Pro Tools 10 brings back an analogue feel to the software, especially the Channel Strip plugin,” he says. “You can have all the EQs, filters and dyn

amics in one block and it’s very visual. Overall, Pro Tools 10 is a dramatically improved


m, especially from a recording perspective.”

Replacing his Control 24 desk with the 24-Fader D-Command has improved efficiency and speed by bringing a wider selection of key control parameters to his finger-tips and the added benefit of a flexible 5.1 monitoring panel. The Pro Tools 10 software and extra power delivered by the new HDX DSP engine enables larger sessions and wider use of the Audio Ease Altiverb plug-in he relies on heavily for everyday sound design. Most of his outboard equipment now finds itself in storage as he explores new plugins which are faster to use and return great sonic results.

“I contacted HHB without much knowledge of what I needed for my Pro Tools HDX and v10 upgrade and they were very helpful by developing a straight course of action,” Alan explains. “HHB is a great and friendly company that I trust and know.”

HHB Director of Sales Martin O’Donnell comments: “It is always a pleasure working with Alan and Sarah, who are a very professional team. They have clear objectives moving forward and this latest upgrade to Pro Tools 10 and HDX puts them in a perfect position to attract new custom and develop their business.”

Contact Alan Snelling at www.up4loud.com.
Contact Martin O’Donnell on 020 8962 5026 and [email protected]. www.hhb.co.uk.

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