University of Surrey Upgrade to Studer Vista 1

HHB Communications Ltd. has supplied the University of Surrey  home of the world renowned Tonmeister course with a Studer Vista 1 console. The new purchase is housed in the classical recording studio, Studio 1 where it is currently meeting a wide range of demands for projects covering audio engineering, theory and practical study of music and hands-on sound recording.

‘There are many Studer Vista owners in industry, including Chandos, the Royal Opera House, the BBC, and many OB trucks, which makes it perfect for training students for their future careers.’ commented Russell Mason, Senior Lecturer of the Tonmeister course. With the course shaping the next generation of audio experts who have gone on to win Oscars, Grammys, Brits, Mercury Prizes, MPG and Emmy Awards, the demands for this new console were always going to be high.

Now that the Studer Vista 1 has been installed and in use we asked Russell if the end result met his expectations. ‘It has performed flawlessly’ Russell commented, ‘The user interface is a brilliant combination of touchscreens and embedded rotary encoders – all the students so far have been impressed with how intuitive it is, which means it’s quick to learn and easy to use in high-pressure situations’.

‘We are delighted to begin our distribution of Studer by working with such a prestigious University. The Vista 1 delivers to a wide range of applications, ensuring that current and future students will be highly experienced with state-of-the-art technology as they take their next steps in the audio industry.’ added HHB Sales Director Steve Angel.

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