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Studio Technologies has recently released new versions, and options for several popular products.  This article will cover Model 5401A, Model 5402, Model 5422A, and introduce users to the new line of Digital Party Line Kits. For more information on Studio Technologies products, workflows, or solutions reach out to our team at [email protected].


Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock

Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock


The new Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock provides precise timing signals for Dante® audio-over-IP networks.  Model 5401A replicates the features of the previous Model 5401, with the addition of a third dedicated management network port for assessing the unit’s monitoring and configuration functions.  Model 5401A is designed to meet the latest interoperability standard, implementing PTP (precision time protocol) v1 (IEEE 1588-2002) for Dante. In addition, the Model 5401A supports PTP v2 (IEEE 1588-2008), enabled by the AES67 interoperability modes of Dante Controller.

With the Model 5401A, a networked audio system gains the benefits of a high-performance “Primary Leader” PTP (precision time protocol) server, along with additional unique management features. A Dante system distributes a clock across the network to synchronise all connected devices and Dante Control Manager software elects one of the connected devices as ‘PTP Master Clock’. The synchronisation of the Dante devices is critically important, ensuring sample accurate data transmission and a fixed processing latency. While any of the connected Dante devices can act as the ‘PTP Master Clock’, the purpose of a Dante Leader Clock is to optimise the system’s performance and integrity by using a dedicated device that is highly accurate and reliable.

The Model 5401A uses a temperature-controlled oscillator to generate a highly precise and stable PTP reference clock, this can be 10 times more accurate than a clock generated by another Dante devices.  Model 5401A can also be “locked” to a variety of traditional clock references used broadcast, audio and AV system, such as video reference, word clock and 10 MHz. The Model 5401A generates a precise word clock output signal that can be used to synchronise external non-Dante equipment.

In addition, Model 5401A generates eight test tones for use as system ‘ident reference’ signals. The frequency and level of each test tone can be adjusted, and these signals can be assigned to Model 5401A’s Dante audio channels. These test tones are therefore available to support system management, for example to confirm audio continuity across complex network path.

Model 5401A is a compact 1U device and has been designed to provide operational security. It has dual powering with AC mains and DC input sockets, the three data ports (Primary and Secondary Dante and Management) and these can be configured in four modes to support different types of redundant cabling.


Model 5402 Dante Leader Clock with GNSS Synchronization


Model 5402 provides the same functionality as the Model 5401A Dante Leader Clock with the addition of a GNSS satellite receiver, allowing a Dante network to synchronised to global positional data services, such as GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS. Model 5402 is suitable for organisations that need to interface several Dante networks that are separated by large distances. Using a Model 5402 at each location, allows the local PTP master clock of each Dante network to synchronised to the same satellite data service. This is a key component to establishing reliable Dante audio interfacing over long distance data links.


Model 5422A Intercom Audio Engine with Auto Mix


Model 5422A is an upgraded version of the popular Model 5422 Intercom Audio Engine and features a dedicated network port for management functions and additional LED status displays. It is a high-performance, cost-effective, flexible solution that provides the audio processing for creating party-line (PL) intercom circuits, IFB (talent cueing) and numerous mixer/interfacing applications. Model 5422A is available in two versions 5402-01 (32 Dante channel interfacing) and 5402-02 (64 Dante channel interfacing). An Auto Mix function is also available to enhanced audio intelligibility.

Model 5422A is a compact 1U device and has been designed to provide operational security. It has dual powering with AC mains and DC input sockets, the three data ports (Primary and Secondary Dante and Management).


Digital Party Line Kits


To make it even easier to take a first step into the new world of digital AoIP intercom, Studio Tech is offering kits of the Model 5421 Dante Intercomm Engine and four beltpacks. With the addition of a PoE ethernet switch and headsets, these kits provide a powerful and portable system capable of handling complex communication. There are two versions of the kits DPL-Kit1 with Model 372A beltpack (5-pin XLR headset connector) and DPL-Kit2 with Model 373A beltpacks (4-pin XLR headset connector).

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