YELLOWTEC MMS Pole Mounting Kit - YT3245

m!ka desk mounting kit


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The m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit consists of all the items you need to permanently fix a m!ka System Pole to your desk. Use it to achieve maximum carrying capacity due to two large washers which secure a durable fit of your m!ka System Pole.

One of the two washers will be visible on top, one will be hidden underneath your desk. As one of the washers is aluminium coloured and one is black, you can adjust the colour of the visible one according to your pole’s colour.

Key Facts:

  • For permanent mounting of m!ka MMS System Pole to desks
  • Maximum carrying capacity
  • Suitable panel thickness: max. 50mm
  • Large washers to secure durable fit
  • Anodized dual color (aluminium/black) aluminium washers
  • Choose the top washer according to your pole’s color
  • Comes with two Cable Clamps and one Yellow Spacer
  • Includes screw to fit pole nut