YELLOWTEC MMS System Pole M Aluminium - YT3243

54.5cm (21.5″) m!ka MMS Pole


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m!ka MMS System Poles are developed to mount and arrange your m!ka equipment according to your individual needs. Use the m!ka MMS System Pole in combination with different available support articles to mount it either to your desk, ceiling or table stand. In addition, the pole itself provides you with different options to hold your m!ka arms and extensions in multiple positions.

Each MMS System Pole has four full-height grooves which are evenly distributed around it. Use them to attach up to four items at the same height of the pole. Mount m!ka Monitor Arms or use MMS Pole Adapters to fix m!ka Microphone Arms or m!ka Studiolights.

The number of items which can be mounted on top of each other is restricted by the height of the MMS System Pole, in this case 54.5cm (21.5″). An additional m!ka Microphone Arm, m!ka Studiolight or litt Signalling Device can be mounted on top of the m!ka Pole. There are various options to pick from when it comes to combining your choice of m!ka elements.

Key Facts:

  • Allows for individual arrangements of m!ka equipment in multiple positions
  • 4 full-height grooves serve as mounting points to attach up to 4 m!ka elements at the same height of the pole
  • m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed directly inside the grooves
  • Use m!ka Pole Adapters to fix m!ka Microphone Arms or m!ka Studiolight
  • One additional m!ka Microphone Arm / m!ka Studiolight / m!ka EasyLift can be mounted on top
  • A litt Signalling Device perfectly fits on top of the pole
  • Sturdy aluminium / ABS construction
  • Made of durable, silk-mat anodized aluminium
  • Available in black or aluminium finish
  • Fully compatible with the whole m!ka system range
  • Internal steal thread at the bottom for pole mounting
  • To affix the pole a MMS Pole Desktop Mounting Kit, Ceiling Mount or Desk Clamp is required
  • Cover cap for top included
  • Renowned German craftsmanship