SoundField DSF-B MKII Digital Broadcast package


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The DSF-B MKII packaged system encompasses the DSF-2 MKII microphone and DSF-3 MKII processor; when these units are connected, B-Format reversal auto-correction is performed and a connecting a reversal between the two AES links are detected, displayed and auto-corrected.

The system provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes at large scale live outside broadcast events such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues.

Uniquely, the multi-channel audio that the DSF-2 microphone system generates from a ‘single point’ source is completely phase coherent. This enables the broadcaster to collapse the surround to stereo or mono for TV and radio feeds without loss of information, frequency imbalance or any of the other phase problems associated with spaced microphones or multi capsule ‘dummy head’ arrangements.


SoundField DSF-B MKII Digital Broadcast package

Representing the latest generation of SoundField technology, the DSF-B MKII Digital Broadcast package consists of a DSF-2 MKII microphone system (which includes the DSF-2 MKII microphone and DSF-2 MKII microphone controller) and the DSF-3 MKII digital surround processor.

  • AES
  • Ethernet
  • B Format
  • Remote App
  • USB

DSF-2 Controller features

The DSF-2 controller outputs stereo, M/S, and four-channel B-Format which can be decoded into any current surround format using the hardware DSF-3 or Surround Zone software plug-in. All microphone parameters can be adjusted from the DSF-2 controller without the need to physically move the mic itself, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and a unique Mic Rotate control.

A crucial new function for the DSF-2 MKII digital surround and stereo microphone system is a wide range of integrated system self-tests with alarming and correction. They include the monitoring of all supplies (including those for the microphone) and monitoring of microphone cable health, showing detected errors on the front panel display and the SoundField Remote App, while at the same time auto-correcting errors as necessary to allow the event or recording to continue.

DSF-3 surround processor

The DSF-3 is a digital surround processor designed to decode the digital SoundField B-Format signals generated by the DSF-2 systems simultaneously into digital 5.1 surround sound and stereo at any incoming sample rate. Offers a fully digital surround sound production chain when used with DSF-2 system.

The DSF-3 MKII digital surround processor supports a new range of Object Based Audio formats, in addition to Stereo and 5.1. These new formats include height information ? 5.1 + 2, 5.1 +4 and 7.1 + 2. The new front panel design is based around two LCDs, with a lock-out function to avoid accidental changes.

The new models offer both Ethernet and USB connectivity to interface with the SoundField Remote App, The DSF-2 MKII features new low noise mic-pre design with 1dB gain steps and new low-jitter clock circuitry for further improved audio performance, as well as auto-ranging power supplies which reduce power consumption.