Digital Broadcast surround microphone system.


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The DSF-2 MKII Microphone System consists of a DSF-2 MKII microphone and DSF-2 MKII microphone controller. The DSF-2 MKII controller outputs stereo, M/S, and four-channel B-Format which can be decoded into any current surround format using the hardware DSF-3 or Surround Zone software plug-in. All microphone parameters can be adjusted from the DSF-2 controller without the need to physically move the mic itself, including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and a unique Mic Rotate control. This makes it ideal for installation into music, performance or sports venues, offering limitless control over the microphone angles and polar patterns without the need to access the microphone head after installation.

The DSF-2 MKII Microphone System includes features such as an automatic limiter, to soften peaks such as crowd cheering, and an internal heating element, to keep the capsules clear of condensation in outdoor environments. Ruggedly constructed for both installation and OB use, the system features an auto-ranging power supply to reduce power consumption.