64 Point, digitally controlled, analogue audio patch bay routing system


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The Flock Audio PATCH System is a digitally controlled, 100% analogue audio patch bay routing system. A combination of Software known as the PATCH APP and a 64 Point Connection PATCH Hardware component, combined allows users to easily route and control analogue audio routings without having to resort to the use of manual patch cables.

The PATCH APP software application (OSX & Windows Compatible) is designed with familiarity in mind. PATH’s in the application represent audio signal flows from top to bottom. Signal flows are divided up into single vertical columns allowing users to drag + drop available analogue audio equipment connected to the PATCH’s Hardware component. This analogue audio equipment is catalogued in the Hardware Index located to the left side of the PATCH APP.

The PATCH Hardware component is a 1U rack-mountable unit that acts as the centrepiece hub of an audio equipment processing setup. Utilizing digital control over analogue audio signals is what makes the PATCH System unique and unlike anything else in the audio industry.

  • 64 Points – 32 Inputs x 32 Outputs
  • Phantom Power – 32 Channels
  • Front Panel I/O – 2 Inputs & 2 Outputs
  • Host Control – USB-B
  • LED Indicators – Power, Host, 48v, Ext. 48v
  • Multi-Unit Compatible – 8 Units
  • Rear Connectors – 25-pin DSUB