DAD Audio Delay and SPQ Speaker Processor

Processor card for DAD AX64/AX32/NTP Penta 720 & 721s


£1,740.00 Price excludes VAT

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Audio Delay and Speaker Processor for DAD AX64, AX32 and NTP Penta units

  • Programmable delay for up to 128 ch.
  • Individual delay pr. channel
  • 128 ‘channel-seconds of delay’
  • 128 ch. can be delayed up to 1 sec.
  • 1 ch. Can be delayed up to 128 sec.
  • Or any combination in-between
  • Delay can be set in steps of 1 sample
  • Suitable to achieve lipsync

1,024 filters per SPQ card for comprehensive equalization and bass management to tune your room’s speaker system—ideal for monitoring immersive audio.