The Swiss Army knife for Surround Audio


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If you spend any time at all working in surround formats, you’re going to want Spanner

Designed by real post audio pros to solve real world problems, Spanner has redefined sound design, editing and mixing in surround.

It’s a panner, sure, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this thing can do. With complete, independent control of every channel, several industry-first features and an incredibly simple interface, it is possibly the most versatile plugin in your arsenal.

Upsize and downmix – mono thru 7.1.2
Spanner can upsize or downsize, to and from all common track formats, allowing you to actually ‘pan’ an LCR into the 7.0 mix bus, or temporarily send a 7.1 stem to a 5.1 output for monitoring.
Spanner has complete, continuous control over input gain and channel position so the downmix is infinitely flexible and even realtime automatable.
Upsize and downmix - mono thru 7.1.2

Spin, Rotate, Pinch, Fly-over
Spanner offers panning options that you won’t find anywhere else. Rotate lets ambiences follow a camera move, while spin is continuously dizzying.

You can automate an entire stem to shift left, then right, then collapse into the centre.

Or you can engage the proprietary Balls-To-The-Wall mode which gives super discrete 3D fly-overs, minimising bleed between channels.

Spin, Rotate, Pinch, Fly-over

Dedicated iOS controller app
The purpose built iPad remote control app opens up powerful new workflows for the edit-room, the predub or the final mix.

It instantly follows the currently opened pro tools spanner instance so you never have to think about loading a surround panner… it’s just always there when you need it.

Dedicated iOS controller app

Key features

  • True surround panning with independent control of each channel
  • AAX DSP and Audiosuite support
  • Movie overlay for visual panning
  • Panner follows track selection
  • Pre-fade LFE send
  • Upsize and downmix – mono to 7.1.2
  • Low CPU overhead, zero delay and double precision maths
  • Dedicated iPad remote control app
  • Post-pan meters in mix and edit windows
Spanner 3.0 requires Mac OS 10.8 or greater with Pro Tools 11 or greater.
AAX Native, DSP and Audiosuite are supported in most formats from mono to 7.1.2
The Spancontrol 2.5 iPad app requires iOS6 or greater on iPad.