Multi-Tap Surround Delay plugin


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Slapper is a multi-tap surround delay with a stunningly intuitive interface, fantastic console integration and some freakish sound design potential.

You can make anything from an attic to a canyon… from a simple vocal slap to insanely complex syncopated grooves – and you’ll do this quickly, and precisely, and with a big smile on your face.

Slapper’s interface is so intuitive, so ergonomically tuned, that it really is a joy to use. Whatever you do with it, it’s always going to look exactly like it sounds.

Evocative spaces
Slapper is not about accurate geometry or modelled acoustic environments. It is designed Slapper to be ‘effective’ – not ‘real’.

The Cargo Cult want your audience to really feel like they’re in that courtyard, attic, or valley, and they don’t mind lying and cheating to make that happen. They want to sell the idea of a space to your audience – not your physics teacher!

Evocative spaces

Instant immersion
It’s almost cheating. Even the smallest, lamest, mono sound can be instantly unwrapped into a breathtaking, immersive event.

With 8 separate delays you can park each one at a speaker position and really clearly define the geometry of the space, without drowning the audience in reverb.

Instant immersion

Warps your mind – permanently
Once you’ve tried Slapper your brain will be changed forever. You will have a new understanding of the relationship between space and time.

Then, just as soon as you’ve come to grips with it, you will discover Tape-Mode, a completely psychedelic renting of the fabric of the universe. Just stay calm and ride it out.

Warps your mind - permanently

Key features

  • 8 fully independent, surround-pannable delay taps
  • Fruity Sound Design with Tape-Mode varispeeding
  • Multiple filtering options
  • Massive variety and an expanding preset library
  • Wide range of input/output formats
  • Dedicated reverb on every delay tap
  • Stunning object-oriented interface
  • Crazy rhythmic possibilities
  • Fantastic console integration

Stereo only version also available.

Slapper v2 requires Mac OS10.8.5 or Win10, Pro Tools v12.4 or greater, DAW capable of hosting AAX, AU, VST or VST3 plugins (64bit), Authorisation requires an account