Pro Tools | Dock: what is gained with S3

October’s Pro Tools | Dock announcement brings a powerful new compact addition to Avid’s pro mixing hardware devices, and offers an affordable EUCON control surface to enhance and integrate the free Pro Tools | Control iOS app.

As well as working brilliantly standalone with an iPad, Pro Tools | Dock works in conjunction with the Pro Tools | S3 surface. Some of the complimentary features on the dock include dedicated automation switches, additional touch strip controls, transport controls, a weighted aluminium jog wheel and colour-coded Soft Key switches for tactile control of functions displayed on the iPad.

Pro Tools | Dock pairs with Pro Tools | S3 to offer an impressive, feature-rich editing and mixing system for around £4,000. Users can also edit and create custom Soft Keys to perform practically any Pro Tools function and recall layouts to the surface with a single button press.

Additional visual feedback is also unlocked within the app when using the Dock with the iPad, enabling users to navigate huge sessions with ease and bring channels to the surface quickly and efficiently.

John Johnson, CTO at HHB, says: “When paired with the Pro Tools | Dock, the S3 provides a cost-effective solution which includes several great features previously exclusive to S6 consoles.”


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