Pro Tools 2024.6 Now Available


The latest Pro Tools software update introduces new capabilities for both music and audio post users. A standout in this release is the number of plugins that are now have ARA 2 support. This includes iZotope, SyncroArts, and Sound Radix, as well as two new MIDI effect plugins from Mixed In Key, and session export for Media Composer. This update also includes Dolby Atmos enhancements, MIDI pitch labels, improved searching and importing of Session Data, Memory Locations enhancements, and more. This exciting update from Avid brings incredibly powerful features to their DAW alongside workflow improvements and bug fixes.


ARA 2 support allows users to leverage plugins faster and easier in Pro Tools without having to round trip audio between external applications. Pro Tools first introduced ARA 2 support in 2022.9, and this provided a powerful integration with Celemony Melodyne for quick vocal tuning, timing fixes, harmonies and more. 2024.6 now takes Pro Tools’ ARA 2 support to the next level.


Zotope RX Spectral Editor enables spectral editing of audio directly from the Pro Tools Edit window. This significantly speeds up fixing various issues with intuitive controls and great visual feedback. Hopefully, this is the first of many iZotope plugins to gain Pro Tools ARA 2 support.


Synchro Arts have integrated RePitch, VocAlign, and Revoice Pro. RePitch provides tools for tuning vocals quickly and easily, whereas VocAlign matches the timing and pitch of multiple signals to tighten vocal performances. Revoice Pro 5 combines vocal alignment, pitch correction, and the ability to create vocal doubles.



Sound Radix Auto-Align 2 automatically optimizes the phase / timing of each microphone to deliver a full and defined sound, dramatically speeding up a time consuming process, leaving more time to be creative. Sound Radix Auto-Align Post 2 enables dynamic time-alignment of moving location microphones.


Pro Tools customers also receive two new MIDI plugins from Mixed In Key: Captain Chords Lite and Human Lite. Captain Chords Lite allows users to create chords in any key with control over inversions, substitutions, and passing tones. Human Lite adds the organic feel of live musicians to quantized MIDI performances.


Media Composer 2022.12 added the ability to directly Export a Pro Tools Session, with various options for what flavour of Video Encode to include, and how to handle the exchange of media such as linking to the files via Avid Nexis shared storage, or creating new media assets for working externally. Pro Tools Ultimate users can now save a session as a Media Composer compatible file, further simplifying sound for picture workflows by enabling the reverse trip of media.


As always, we’d recommend doing a backup prior to updating. Pro Tools 2024.6 can be downloaded via your account, or using the Avid Link desktop app.

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