Pro Tools 2019.10 Released

Today, Avid has released the latest update to Pro Tools 2019!  This version has a strong post focus, no doubt due to the fact that Pro Tools is now a part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.


Edit sound to picture with greater precision

Work with up to 4k and UHD video, H.264 media, and higher frame rates with new Avid Video Engine improvements that smooth the collaboration between editorial and sound mixing.  Not only does this eliminate time-consuming transcoding or conversion, but it also enables more accurate audio work, so you can edit with confidence and deliver the perfect mix.


Simplify Dolby Atmos “in the box” mixing (Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Reduce session complexity and eliminate tedious delay compensation management when mixing Dolby Atmos in the box. With the latest Dolby Atmos Production Suite and enhanced Core Audio support for Dolby Audio Bridge, you can now send 130 channels from Pro Tools (up from 32) to the Dolby Atmos Renderer, simplifying your mixing and playback workflow.


Deliver multiple mixes in a single file (Pro Tools | Ultimate only)

Accelerate mix delivery between audio post-production teams and organisations with the ability to bounce multiple Pro Tools stems into a single file for easier delivery.

Recipients can then open the stems in separate Pro Tools tracks on file import, preserving the mixes.


Mix for Netflix with confidence

Pro Tools | Ultimate is now part of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance. Avid has worked closely with Netflix to ensure that Pro Tools solutions support Netflix’s technical and workflow requirements today, and into the future.



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