Presteigne Broadcast Hire invests in Dante® Enabled Talkback System

HHB Communications Ltd., London – Today announces that Presteigne Broadcast Hire have invested in their first Dante based Intercom system and have chosen a set of Studio Technologies products.  Studio Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Dante enabled products, and Presteigne will now be able to hire systems based on Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine and the Model 374A 4 channel Intercom Beltpacks.


The compact 5422 Intercom Audio Engine provides 32 channels of audio I/O and intercom processing and supports both Dante and AES67 AoIP formats.  The Beltpack connects to the Dante Network switch with a single cable and uses a secure etherCON® connector.  The combination of the 5422’s processing and the 374A’s support of 4 channels, allows systems to be set up with multiple talkback circuits.


“Dante is a core technology for many of our clients, and we wanted to add a Dante based talkback system to our hire stock”, states David Handley, Head of Audio at Presteigne Broadcast Hire.  He continues, “Compared to traditional analogue talkback systems, the Studio Technologies system offers many enhanced features and the ease of Dante integration.  This initial investment gives us a flexible set of products that can cover a wide range of our clients’ talkback requirements.”


“Once we learned what Presteigne was looking for, it was an easy decision to offer a solution based on Studio Technologies kit, we are confident that users depending on the Model 5422 and Model 374 will find them to be a high-performing and dependable solution with excellent sound quality”, comments HHB Communications sales manager, Andrew Hingley.


The Studio Technologies Dante Intercom products are designed to be highly flexible.  Beltpacks can be programmed by the STController application, allowing functions to be tailored for different modes.  The 5422 engine provides the required mixing, switching and routing function to support a wide range of Intercom ‘party line’ and IFB modes, whilst the Beltpacks offer multiple options, as well as interfaces to connect to analogue intercom products, making them the perfect choice for customers requiring small to medium size talkback systems.

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