Introducing the SCS70 Pro and the SCS70iW Pro from ATC

front view professional active subwoofer

Recently ATC have announced the release of two new high-performance 12″/300mm active subwoofers, the SCS70 Pro and SCS70iW Pro, designed to deliver the exceptional levels of performance demanded by audio and music professionals and integral to partnering with ATCs range of renowned active studio monitors. Their performance and features make them ideally suited to stereo, multi-channel surround, and immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos. The SCS70 Pro has been designed for use free standing and the SCS70iW Pro has been optimised and includes features ideal for flush/in-wall mounting.

Advancing ATC’s proven philosophy of developing loudspeaker systems from component level up the subwoofers feature a new sub-bass driver, developed by ATC’s R&D team, and optimised for reproduction of the lowest four octaves of the audio band. To best achieve this, it is designed with a 30mm magnetic gap, 50% longer than any other offered by ATC. The long-gap and short-coil configuration takes a long-standing ATC design feature to its limit, minimising distortion while simultaneously delivering the high linear excursion required to produce accurate and dynamic low frequency output. Generating a high level of magnetic flux over such a long gap required extensive FEA computer modelling and the resultant 6″/150mm N48M Neodymium magnet is the most powerful ever assembled by ATC and a first for the company. As well as minimising distortion, the short-coil long-gap configuration ensures the voice coil remains surrounded by the steel motor structure at all times, maximising cooling, reducing power compression, and improving reliability. Turbulent air noise within the driver is minimised via a large, flared vent running through the centre of the motor structure, which has the added benefit of increasing voice coil and motor cooling.

The SCS70 Pro subwoofers deliver an extended low-frequency response without employing electronic equalisation, quite unlike many subwoofers available today. Instead, the more elegant combination of exceptional transducer engineering and a marginally larger cabinet volume is used. The simplicity of this approach reduces phase shift and group delay, aiding the integration of the sub with the partnering monitor loudspeakers. Ultimately, it delivers a more balanced and coherent experience for the listener, extending the low-frequency response without masking details or changing the tonal character in the upper bass/lower mid-range.

Drawing on 34 years of experience in amplifier design and development, ATC’s electronic engineering team have delivered an all-new amplifier for these two new subwoofers. The 300W class AB design is hand-built by ATC at their UK facility and precisely optimised to the requirements of the drive unit, resulting in fast, dynamic bass with minimal colouration. Two balanced inputs provide connectivity suited to both stereo and multi-channel/immersive audio systems plus two balanced outputs provide connections to monitor loudspeakers or to ‘daisy-chain’ multiple subs. Low-pass filters are analogue, 4th order Linkwitz-Riley and filter frequency options ensure optimal integration with a wide range of studio monitors. An industry-standard 80Hz low-pass and an ‘off’ option (for use with external processing) are also provided. A polarity switch plus a continuously variable 180° phase adjustment allows further optimisation of the subwoofer crossover and a stepped attenuator with a 21 dB range provides precise level matching.

You can learn more about the SCS70iW Pro here and the SCS70 Pro here.

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