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Avid Sync X Post production Audio

Avid are transitioning to a new synchronisation peripheral for Pro Tools HDX & HD Native systems, with Sync HD being replaced by Sync X. This allows you to lock to a variety of external clock references and align playback and recording with external devices via timecode. The front panel design matches Avid’s newer Audio Interfaces such as MTRX Studio & Carbon, whilst the rear connectivity and overall functionality is comparable to that of Sync HD, with a few notable additions such as a built-in video reference generator and 10MHz clock input.

Built-in Video Reference Generator

One powerful new feature helpful for post production users, is the built in Video Reference Generator capable of common SD and HD rates, with four outputs to frame edge align equipment such as an external video output device for Pro Tools. This is perfect for standalone systems where a ‘house sync’ isn’t readily available, or when switching between different rates is impractical while working on sessions requiring different frame rates.

Frame-edge locking your Pro Tools audio peripheral via Sync X as well as your external video playback device is critical for guaranteed audio/video sync performance. Without a video reference, audio elements such as dialog lip-sync or spot effects can appear early or late inconsistently from one playback to the next, so Sync X is a really important consideration when specifying a Pro Tools HD Native or HDX system.

Precision Synchroniser for Music and Audio Post Production.

Sync X utilises a temperature controlled master oscillator to maintain a stable clock accuracy within ±1 part per million over its rated temperature range. Running at 100MHz with double precision JetPLL technology for improved accuracy and low-jitter. Thanks to this, Sync X users can experience reduced lock times compared to Sync HD when locking to an external reference, which now include options for both 10MHz and AES3id inputs, as well as auto-detection for the video reference format.


 This device offers support for all industry-standard formats, it’s a versatile box with a fantastic amount of connectivity. Sync X includes: Loop Sync I/O, Word Clock I/O (1 in, 6 outs), 10 MHz Clock in, AES3 and AES3id I/O, GPIO, Bi-Phase/Tach in, Pilot in, LTC I/O, MTC out, 9-pin (for machine control), Video Reference Generator (4 outs), Video Reference I/O (1 in, 2 outs) & Host DigiSerial port.

Our Thoughts

Synchronisation can be just as important when working with external digital audio sources as it is with external video peripherals, and Sync X builds on the capabilities of Sync HD in a similar way to how Sync HD replaced Sync I/O.

We suggest holding off upgrading until you require functionality like 10MHz clock. However, we do recommend new system purchases requiring frame edge video sync should specify this sync peripheral. Those interested in investing in future proofing their new and upcoming systems should also consider purchasing Sync X.  For current Sync HD owners, they should not be too concerned that Sync HD is no-longer a current product, as it will still be supported by Avid for years to come – see the Avid End of Support Dates page for more information.

What’s in the box?

Sync X includes a 2ft BNC Coaxial cable, DB9->DIN5 MIDI Breakout cable, 12ft 8-pin Mini Din DigiSerial cable, and a Power Cable. Avid also offer an Extended Hardware Support Plan for Pro Tools | Sync X, which is available for purchase within the first 90 days of product registration and includes advanced replacement hardware swaps.

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