HHB unveil upgraded demonstration facilities at North West London HQ

Professional audio equipment suppliers HHB Communications have announced the opening of their newly renovated and improved demonstration facilities at their headquarters in North West London. The new facility was designed to provide demonstrations and training with the latest formats and technologies currently available in the professional audio market.

With their newly acquired distribution of console and routing systems specialist Studer, HHB has installeda Vista 1 Black Edition as the main control desk console providing an all-in-one compact, flexible mix system for the newly designed room.

The acoustically treated room also features a Genelec 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos speaker array to deliver the most up to date and state-of-the-art audio demonstrations, and a wide range of speaker models available to A/B compare. Recently, the demand for Dolby Atmos has risen dramatically with an increased uptake of Dolby Atmos-compatible home entertainment systems and sound bars. All audio is running through aDante AoIP focused system, Managed by Dante Domain Manager, and featuring a DAD AX-32 for Pro Tools I/O & A/D – D/A, controlled and distributed to all the speakers in the room via a BSS BLU-806 Processor, and BSS Contrio Panel.

“A lot of time and consideration went into the refurbishment and upgrade of the studio. With post, recording, and broadcast demands constantly evolving through new technologies (such as Immersive Audio, and Audio over IP), we wanted to consider as many different demonstration scenarios as possible to ensure we have the flexibility to accommodate any and all requests from our clients.” commented John Johnson, HHB’s CTO.

The room is now available for demonstrations by appointment only. For further information, booking a demonstration or if you have any questions please contact HHB Communication’s Sales Team on 020 8862 5000 or visit www.hhb.co.uk.

The HHB demo facility is located at:

HHB Communications Ltd.
73-75 Scrubs Lane
NW10 6QU

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