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Q: What is Pro Tools Flex?

A: Pro Tools Flex is a powerful new subscription bundle consisting of a Pro Tools Ultimate subscription with additional  and 3rd party products*.

Q: Is Ultimate still available

A: Pro Tools Ultimate is the Pro Tools software product within the Flex bundle. New Ultimate perpetual licences are no longer be available to purchase individually but will continue to be available bundled with an HDX card. An annually subscription to Pro Tools Ultimate has been superseded by an annual subscription to Pro Tools Flex.

Q: I already have a Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licence and I renew the update and support plan annually. What are my options now?

A: You can continue to renew your update and support plan annually and remain on a Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licence. If you would like the additional software bundle included with a Flex subscription, you will need to buy a subscription to Pro Tools Flex. This will include an additional Pro Tools Ultimate licence. You can choose to keep your Ultimate perpetual licence in an update and support plan or let this lapse knowing that it could be reinstated with a “get current” plan if needed later.

Q: I have noticed that there are several new Pro Tools features announced with Flex including increased native I/O and aux track count. Can I get these features in my existing Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual licence?

A: Yes, these are new features in Pro Tools Ultimate 2022.4 and so will be available to all Pro Tools Ultimate users in a current upgrade and support plan. Learn more about the update here. If you are not in a plan then you can purchase a “Get Current” plan to get your Ultimate licence up to the latest version and receive future updates for 12-months.



** 3rd party products included at launch are: Celemony Melodyne essential, SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition. As Flex is a subscription, it also gives you access to Pro Tools Inner Circle – free plugins, music & sound libraries, training resources, and more.

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