Empire Design upgrade with several Avid S6 and S3 control surfaces

Scrub, a division of HHB Communications, has supplied an Avid Pro Tools S6 and two additional S3 control surfaces for The Empire Design Company’s London post production studios as they continue to update and expand.

Avid’s S6 and S3 control surfaces are central to every single studio at Empire Design. Audio 1 and 2 are running Avid S6 systems and are dedicated for larger, theatrical mixes.  Additionally, there are three smaller Pro Tools HD rooms, each running an Avid S3 for TV, radio, sound design work and more. Empire’s use of the Avid control surfaces hits home just how flexible and accommodating the S3 and S6 are for numerous projects and scenarios.

Empire attributes several of the S6 functions to the consoles desirability.  The customisable automation module allows storage of numerous setups for projects and mixes to be recalled instantaneously. Split zones make accessing specific tracks from your mix quick and easy, plus additional finishing touches such as motion sensors light up the console as you enter the room. Empire’s dubbing mixer, Ian Gardham commented, “Everything from freezing tracks, nudging, muting, separating and trimming etc. can all be done at the touch of a button from the console. And those buttons can be customised depending on what’s happening in the template. And different users can save their settings and bring them up in any room.”

The S3 combined with an Avid Dock made it a perfect option for the smaller rooms. Ian added, “The S3s are sturdy. The faders feel solid and comfortable. We went from the Artist series to the S3 in one room and the difference is huge, which is important because it’s the faders that get pushed up and down all day every day! – We also linked up a dock to the S3 in one of our smaller stereo suites. The touch screen of the iPad works just like the screen on the S6. You can go deep into all the menus, swipe through tracks, access EQs all on the S3 effectively like the S6”.

Located near to the Scrub HQ, we asked Ian just why Empire Design continue to use HHB and Scrub when it comes to studio installs and upgrades, “We have used Scrub since day one at Empire. The technical support has been second to none. The great thing is, any further training or technical support we need, Scrub are only a phone call away.”

The Avid Pro Tools S6 can be custom configured to fit seamlessly into any professional workflow. To arrange an appointment and view the full features of the S6 with HHB’s knowledgeable Avid specialists simply contact Scrub Sales Devin Workman on 020 7025 6020 or [email protected].

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