DiGiCo announces new SD mixer model and broadcast software upgrades

DiGiCo has announced the release of V634 software for the SD mixer range, introducing new standard features and adding major functionality enhancements to their broadcast software option.


A new version of the SD9 console has also been announced. The new SD9B  now enables the use of broadcast-specific software for this 24-channel mixer for the first time.
New standard features of V634


V634 is a free of charge upgrade for existing SD5,7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 mixers, and provide an extensive set of new features, these include:


  • 96kHz mode for SD9 and SD11 mixers, with the same channel count
  • 56 and 64 channel Madi modes
  • New parameter copy functions
  • New X/Y GUI for enhanced multi-track audio routing
  • Copy and Listen Audio function.  Based on the new X/Y GUI audio routing between the mixer and an external multi-track recorder can be simply set up.


New mixer model – SD9B


The new SD9B combines the proven platform of the SD9 live mixer with the enhanced broadcast software option.  The SD9B is a compact 24 fader mixer suitable for mid-size TV production facility and OB vehicles , it is capable of processing 48 input channels and generating multiple output buses.  The included broadcast software option provides additional features for live TV production: Backstop PFL, Surround Sound processing, and Monitor Matrix.  Owners of the original SD9 mixer have the option to upgrade to the SD9B specification by purchasing the broadcast software option.


The SD9B mixer is available in several configurations with the choice of remote I/O racks, analogue and digital interface cards, redundant power supplies and the Waves Soundgrid interface.


Broadcast software option enhancements
The Broadcast software option has previously been included with the SD7B, 10B and 11B mixers,   V634 is a free of charge upgrade from these mixers.  The Broadcast software option is now available for the SD9 mixer.  The new features have been developed in response to Digico user requests and include:


– Multiple surround sound output buses
  • SD11B can be switched between:
    • 1 x surround sound plus 12 Flexi (stereo or mono) buses
    • 2 x surround sound plus 9 Flexi  (stereo or mono) buses
  • SD9B can be switched between:
    • 1 x surround sound plus 16 Flexi (stereo or mono) buses
    • 2 x surround sound plus 13 Flexi  (stereo or mono) buses
    • 3 x surround sound plus 10 Flexi  (stereo or mono) buses
– Group bus Aux send function
– Group to Group Upmix/Downmix
– Monitor speaker delay function


Email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 8962 5023 for more information.

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