DAD Announces All New Thunder|Core Technology


DAD (Digital Audio Denmark) recently announced two new interfaces that utilise the company’s all new Thunder|Core technology. This technology allows for a streamlined workflows by creating a direct link between DAD audio converters and routers, and the latest computers.

Thunder|Core is the name that DAD gives to its new Thunderbolt 3 interface that connects Thunderbolt 3 equipped computers to up to 256 channels of audio inputs and outputs with near-zero latency and full and flexible control.

The channel count is impressive. The full 256 input and output channels are available at sample rates up to 96kHz. The interface also supports sample rates of up to 384kHz with reduced channels. The included DADman control software allows for absolute control of the audio channel routing matrix.  In total, the routing matrix supports no less than 4096×4096 audio channels.

Fit for the modern studio, the Core Audio Thunder|Core driver for Apple Mac computers supports the use of Intel as well as Silicon (M1) CPU processors all the way down to a buffer size of just 32 samples. Due to limitations of the OS, Windows 10 minimum buffer size is 128 samples.

The Thunderbolt 3 interface has two samples latency on the connection and a total of nine samples in the digital interface which also includes EQ and summing processing within the unit. This equates to a tiny 95 microsecond latency at 96kHz for 256 channels. The round-trip latency with 32 sample buffer size will be just 670 microseconds at 96kHz.

The first two products to feature Thunder|Core technology are the Core256 and AX64. Both feature an identical digital feature-set with the AX64 adding the ability to customise the I/O with DAD renowned analogue converters or additional digital I/O via options cards.

As DAD works to release Thunder|Core products to the market our team are happy to answer any questions about the products. To express interest contact us today.


Learn more about the Core 256 here.

DAD Core256 Front and Rear


Learn more about the AX 64 here.

DAD AX64 Front Panel



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